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Halloween Donuts

Calling all my donut lovers! If you love this delicious breakfast essential, then listen up because we have found the cutest and most delicious Halloween themed donuts. Where are these spooky donuts you ask? Well, they can be found at your local Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts has released a variety of new and spooky Halloween treats and we are sure that you will love them all.

1. Spider Donut: The Spider Donut is their classic donut frosted in orange icing. What makes this donut a spider is the glazed chocolate Munchkin that sits atop the orange treat. Black icing is piped on to make eight spider legs. This spooky treat is perfect for anyone who loves donuts as you get two donuts for the price of one.
2. Boston Scream Donut: The Boston Scream Donut is their original Boston Crème Donut but with orange and black icing to make this treat more festive.
3. Choc-O-Lantern: The Choc-O-Lantern Donut is their original double chocolate donut with a more festive name.
4. Scary Strawberry: The Scary Strawberry Donut is their original Strawberry Donut but with chocolate and orange sprinkles.
5. Spooky Sprinkles: The Spooky Sprinkles Donut is their Chocolate Frosted Donut but with chocolate and orange sprinkles.
6. Purple Potion: The Purple Potion Donut is their Vanilla Frosted Donut. The icing is dyed purple and it is topped with chocolate and orange sprinkles.
7. Full Moon: The Full Moon Donut is their Powdered Donut with orange colored powdered sugar for a spookier feel.
8. Nilla Nightmare: The Nilla Nightmare is the Vanilla Crème Donut with orange colored powdered sugar.
9. Witch’s Brew-Berry: The Witch’s Brew-Berry Donut is their original Glazed Blueberry Donut with streaks of purple icing on top.
10. Owl Fashioned: The Owl Fashioned Donut is just what it sounds like, an Old Fashioned.
11. Ghoulish Glazed: The Ghoulish Glazed Donut is their original Glazed Donut but with a more festive name.
12. Wicked Chocolate: The Wicked Chocolate Donut is their original Glazed Chocolate Donut with a Halloween name.
13. Vampire’s Delight: The Vampire’s Delight Donut is a Jelly Donut that any Vampire will love.

Needless to say that these spooktacular donuts sound absolutely delicious. To find out more about the different Halloween donuts that your local Dunkin’ Donuts is offering this season, go to

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