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Stylish Fitness Trackers

Have you ever wanted to try out fitness trackers, but the typical Fitbits are not stylish enough for you to wear every day. Well, for all of my fashionistas out there that want to know how many steps they walk listen up because we have found the most stylish fitness trackers available from Ringly. Ringly’s motto is to bring together jewelry and technology, and with their wide variety of smart bracelets and rings, they have definitely accomplished it. Not only do these smart bracelets and rings allow you to track your steps and activity, but also they allow you to connect to your smart phone and receive mobile alerts. Ringly’s designs incorporate gemstones such as Moonstone, Agate, Quartz, Jade, and Black Onyx in order to camouflage the technology as beautiful high-end jewelry. In addition, Ringly comes with a 1 year limited warranty. We think that these designs are beautiful, stylish, and perfect for anyone who loves jewelry.

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