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Levi’s 50th Anniversary Trucker Jackets

Levi’s is a brand that we all know and love. From their jeans to their jackets, we have all owned a pair of Levi’s in some form. Levi’s is celebrating their 50th Anniversary of their original denim jacket. In order to celebrate their legendary design, they asked 50 iconic innovators to design their own denim jacket. Stars such as Justin Timberlake to Solange Knowles to Snoop Dogg have each designed a jacket that embodies their personal style and comfort. Since each star has designed a jacket that embodies their own personal style, needless to say that there is a jacket for everyone. Chicago’s very own Chance the Rapper designed a jacket with fleece and a giant patch of his Chicago-based charity Social Works on the back. But it is not just celebrities from the US that were asked to design a jacket, as Levi’s asked icons from around the world to create their own personal design. Some of those global stars are Molotov a Mexico City rock band, Christine Centenera who is the fashion director of Australian Vogue, and Emmanuelle Alt who is the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris. We not only love these unique and creative jackets from these 50 innovators, but we love that Levi’s has chosen this campaign to celebrate their significant milestone.

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