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Bath Treats

If you love dessert and bath products then brace yourselves because we have found the cutest and most delicious looking bath products on the market. Nectar Bath Treats creates luxurious soap products that look like real-life desserts. Not only do we love the cute designs, but we also love the fact that Nectar Bath Treats uses clean vegetarian friendly formulas without parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and many more harmful ingredients. In addition, Nectar Bath Treats are proud to be cruelty free. These bath treats range in different dessert designs from cupcakes to ice cream to pie slices to donuts and tarts. We love these soaps, especially their summer soap collection as it is mermaid themed. One of the soaps in the collection is the Shark Bait Pie Slice Soap. This soap is absolutely adorable as it looks like a real piece of pie with a candy shark fin garnished on top. While they are only available in stores in Las Vegas, you are able to order their products online. Trust us when we say that your skin will love you after you use Nectar Bath Treats.

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