WSHE Say It & Win!


The New SHE 100.3 Say It & Win!

Knowing what The New SHE 100.3 stands for could get you an easy $1,000 cash!

Just listen to The New SHE 100.3 weekdays, for your chance to win $1,000 cash when you Say It & Win!

Three times each weekday at 10:20AM, 2:20PM, and 5:20PM we’ll take the correct caller at 312.297.1003. If you know this line: The New SHE 100.3, The Best Variety of the 80s, 90s, 2K & Today and can recite it back to us, you’ll win $1,000… and the best part, all of our winners are right here in the Chicago area!

Reminder: We know you’re busy, so we’ll even remind you each time we play with a text 10 minutes beforehand. Just text SHE to 60123.

Official Contest Rules