All treats, no tricks with Milk-Bone's matching mask and dog bandana sets


(NEW YORK) — Though COVID-19 is changing the way Americans celebrate the holidays this year, Milk-Bone has found a fun way to get humans and their furry friends into the Halloween spirit. 

The dog food company has partnered with Amazon to offer three matching Halloween-themed mask and bandana sets to get you feeling spooky. 

The Pumpkin & Candy set features a jack-o-lantern mouth mask for humans that matches an orange bandana with multi-colored candy corn prints.

The Skeleton combo boasts an image of a ribcage X-Ray with a bright red heart on a black dog bandana, while the pet parent dons a mask with a smiling skeleton mouth.

Rounding out the styles is the Mouse & Cheese set featuring a print of a mouse nose and whiskers on the mask and a yellow banana with Swiss cheese holes for your canine friend.

Each set is priced at $9.99 and come with a Milk-Bone Mini Bone sample bag.

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