How Does Your Sleigh Go? (Doja Cat Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

What would it like to be along for the ride on Santa’s sleigh for just one Christmas? Instead of Doja Cat’s “Say So” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “How Does Your Sleigh Go?” Full Lyrics: Christmas Eve til mornin’, He’s Flyin’ all the Toys In, But can’t make…

Goodbye to Part-Timer Alexis! – December 9

After her first full year in radio, we recapped some of the quintessential moments that could only happen to social media coordinator Alexis, as her part-time position comes to an end…

Jose Accidentally SPENT $500!! | What’s On Your Mind? (December 8)

Brooke lost any sense of cool she had left, Jose again spent hundreds of dollars by accident, Alexis needs gifts for the holidays and Jeffrey is nervous about our office holiday party. It’s time to go around the room and share What’s On Our Minds!

Modern Christmas Carol Remix | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

It’s time those old Christmas Carols got an update. Enjoy Young Jeffrey’s Modern Christmas Carol Remix! Full Lyrics: Oh, there’s No Toilet Rolls at the Store Today Just Sold Out of the Xbox’s AND Drones. There’s a Santa-Sized Blockage, in the Supply Chain For the Holidays,…

Christmas Crab Game

Everyone gets so competitive around the holidays… First team to get 4 candy canes on the string wins!

Brooke’s Husband Wore A Disguise?! – What’s On Your Mind? (December 1)

Brooke’s husband wore a disguise to buy candles, Jose flushed $500 down the sink, Alexis’ family embarrassed her at the Christmas Tree Farm, and Jeffrey’s friends let him down… it’s time to go around the room and share What’s On Our Minds!

Animated Phone Tap: Enhancement Powder Package

Happy #Thanksgiving! Pass the Animated Phone Tap!

Appetite (BTS Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

It’s not just the Holiday Season… it’s EATING SEASON. So get your utensils ready and your feasting sweatpants on. Instead of BTS’ “Dynamite” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Appetite” Full Lyrics: It’s TIME for some Carbs Tonight! I’m Gonna PIG…OUT… Like, I’m on the farm tonight! Doom Scrollin’…

Animated Phone Tap: Locked Out Locksmith

Who can save the worst locksmith in the world? The second-worst locksmith in the world…

Cuffin’ (Maneskin Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

When the weather gets colder, and the singles get lonelier, CUFFING SEASON sweeps across the country. Instead of Maneskin’s “Beggin'” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Cuffin'” Full Lyrics: Now it’s getting Cold out, Baby, So I’m Cuffin’ I’m Cuffin’! Cuffin’ you Wanna love ya’ Temporarily I’m cuffin’, cuffin’…