Baby Got Mac (Sir Mix-A-Lot Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Is McDonald’s changing the Big Mac recipe for GOOD? Say it ain’t so! Instead of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Baby Got MAC”

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Oh my god, Jeffrey, look at that beef chuck,
It was hand flipped!
It smells like, the entrance,
to the pearly gates of heaven
But, ya know, who likes “Fast Food” now anyways?
They Only Order it, because
That J-Balvin guy, told them to
I mean that Burger, its’ just so… thick…
It’s like a Hemsworth in food form, its like… Hot but Humble?
I mean, Ugh, perfectly… cooked!
It’s just so… Stacked!

I like big buns and I can not lie,
No other burger can supply,
When a Big Mac comes in an itty bitty case,
Wanna shove it in my Face
and say “YUM!” And the angels Sung,
As soon as it Touched my Tongue

Girl, I can see you staring
Don’t ask me, cuz I’m not sharing
Oh Lady, you better stand Further
Hands off my burger!

I’m such a Fast Food junkie,
McDonald’s makes me-me-me so HUNGRY!
Oooo, double patties,
Covered in melted Cheese,
So Gooey, Chewy
It slaps harder than Bruce Lee!

Taste Buds are Dancin’
Mmmm Bop like Hanson,
Got Zest?! Yes!
How many can my gut digest?

I’m tired of fitness freaks,
sayin’ go for gluten free?!
Take the average dad bod & ask him that
He throwin’ back a BIG MAC,

So fellas (yeah!) fellas (yeah!)
Does ya Big Mac got the buns? (hell yeah!)
Go on and eat it (eat it) feed it (feed it)
Nothin’ left but Crumbs…
When Baby got Mac!
(Archway place, fillin’ up my belly!)

Hamburglar’s Crack
(Kids Play Place, was a lil’ bit Smelly)
(Kids Play Place, was a lil’ bit Smelly)

I ate ’em in, my crib,
Dressed in a McBib!
My Zodiac Sign’s a Cheeseburger, not an animal,
We’re Food Compatible!
I’ll Drive it Home
And NOM! Double-up, NOM! NOM!
Real Beef, I enjoy
Those Plant-Based Patties, r-Made with SOY!

Don’t want no fish, or Freakin’ sushi…
Don’t add no fancy truffles…
No Blue Cheese Crumbles
Serve ya up a sandwich of Knuckles!

So I pull up to the Drive-Thru Slow,
I roll down window talkin’ like…
SPEAKER: Hello! Welcome to McDonalds!
… Now Please, Can I take your order?

I want two beef patties, lettce, cheese & Onions!
And No, I ain’t done yet…
Add the Special sauce, with the pickles on a (Oooooo!)
Sesame Seed bun!

If you wantin’ some,
On the menu it’s Number One!
I’ll Eat it for Lunch & Dinner,
Every single meal of the day
That sauce, So Boss,
I Dunk it in my Dental Floss

So Ladies (Yeah) Ladies (Yeah)
Can a Big Mac father your Babies? (Oh Yeah!)
Head on Down, to Ronald’s House,
Get some MEAT inside that Mouth,
Baby got Mac!
That Burger is Stacked!
The Whopper is WACK!

Yeah, baby, when it comes to Value Meals…
McDonalds got the Ultimate, fast food selection
Double Fist, French Fried, Potato STICKS! (Ba Ba Ba, Ba Ba Bahh!)
Haha, I’m Lovin’ It…

Cuz everywhere I’ve Gone ta, From Burbank to Wakanda!
I’m Drawn to ya, like Simba’s drawn to Nala,
The Rumors sayin’: “Once you Go Mac…”
“You don’t ever go back”

I drove there in my pick-up.
I said, fill up the bed with sauce!
Got Napkins by the Boatload,
’til my glove box Overflows!
Could toss ’em… But I leave em,
Might Spill a Drink, and i’ll need Em’!

This burger is so grand…
I almost ate my hand!
Second time today, my girl’s diminished.
Saying: “You Already Finished??”

Found an Old French Fry in the Car Seats!
It still looks good to Me
Upper-Lipper, on my Sister,
… Had sauce there, so I Kissed Her!

Some haters might try to diss,
But I’m Mc-Lovin’ this
That Line Cook in the Kitchen,
More Like a Burger Magician!

So buddy if you’re Hunger’s Wild,
Give a Hug to your Inner Child!
Turn up for the Hashtag Grimace Life
And bathe in Special Sauce
With a Big Mac
Baby got MAC!