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Barbie’s dream haul: Margot Robbie reportedly taking home $50 million for blockbuster

Warner Bros. Pictures

Margot Robbie is seriously in the black from all that pink.

The Oscar-nominated actress, who co-produced and starred in what’s shaping up to be one of the biggest hits of 2023, Barbie, will reportedly take home $50 million for her efforts, Variety says.

As a producer of the movie through her LuckyChap company, Robbie is entitled to a cut of the blockbuster’s profits — and they’ll put anyone into a very respectable Dream House, according to the trade.

For that matter, director and co-writer Greta Gerwig will also be rewarded handsomely for her efforts, thanks to a worldwide box office take that works out to be $1.18 billion globally and still climbing.

Gerwig has also become the highest-grossing female director in history, now that the Warner Bros. film has overtaken Disney’s Frozen II, which was co-directed by Jennifer Lee.

Incidentally, Robbie told Collider before the movie’s release that she told studio execs that Barbie would “make a billion dollars,” but admitted, “maybe I was overselling.”

If Barbie — the doll version, that is — has taught us anything, it’s that “dreams can come true.”

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