Big Limousine (Latto Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Prom Night is one of the biggest nights in a young person’s life, and Young Jeffrey is singing about all the ups and downs of this special occasion. Instead of Latto’s “Big Energy” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Big Limousine”

Got that Real Big Limousine!
Got that Real Big Limousine !
(Hey Daddy…How you Gonna Prompose It?)

Prom Night, that could be our Destiny,
Put a bow on our High School Legacy.
Found a Date, cuz we both had Chemistry…
I’ll Take her Out, like an Appendectemy.
One night, where we dress impressively
Corsage, on the wrists, look heavenly
More Smiles, than the Street called “Sesame”,
MY Dad, just Rented us a Limousine!

… Swaggy, cuz we got it
Boutonniere, Pinned to my Pocket,
Can’t Even, Knock it
Date Lookin’ Flyer than a Rocket…
So much Drip, we Leavin’ Droplets.
Ain’t no way to Mop THIS!
Tux Blue, Like Powerade!
Jump in the stretch Escalade!
Put it in Drive, Pull Away, Headin’ out to the Promenade,
Red Lobster’s on the Way!

Server Ain’t Pleased
How she get stuck, with the Cast of “Glee”!?!
Our pockets look Deep, But You Know we Cheap,
Cuz no one tip worse than a, Prom Night Teen,

Ultimate Feast! That Shrimp was, YUMMY!
Cheddar Biscuits Down in my TUMMY!
Back in the Limousine, better HIT the Gas!
Show up Late, It’s OK, Cuz we Brought the CLASS…

Prom Pics, Got ‘em for the Memories
Strike a Pose, like we in Vogue Magazine…
Hug my Date from Behind, Respectfully!
On the Floor, we can Grind more Aggressively…
Then Bounce, like a Kangaroo on ‘Phetamines…
To the store, like McLovin’ with a Fake I.D.
Know a Dude that I work with, He’s 23
Promised “Tito’s”, got-us PBR, Probably

Livin’ Like Celebrities…
In Our Big, Big Limousines (big big limosuine)
We’ll be poppin’ Bubbly…
Well, It’s WHITE CLAW Actually

Yeah, Limousine’s Rockin’
Out the Sun Roof we Poppin’
Stereo Boppin’…
Double Tree Suites we Stoppin’
… Post Prom Party is Startin’!
Phones Re-Charging! Battery So Drained
OK! Do a Dap with my Homies,
Flirting in the Hallways, Maybe gonna Suck Face,
Post a Selfie, in a Gown doin’ Duck Face…

In the SUITE, Lite Beer is FLOWIN!
Bunch-a Teens, with the Flip Cup GOIN!

Fall Asleep on the Couch, cuz you’re having a Blast…
Wake Up the Next Day, Sharpie Mustache…

Got Ditched by my date, She Abandoned Me
Straight Cut Me Off, Just like a Guillitoine…
Lost my Girl, but Still Got my Virginity!
Thanks to Me, One LESS Teen Pregnancy!
Prom Night, and we did it so Incredibly…
Trashed the Suite, Like Rockers in the Seventies
Now, Alone in A Vomit-Covered Limousine
Oh Snap, Mom & Dad are Gonna Murder me

Prom May be the End of me…
I’ll at Least Die Happily…
Freshman filled with Jealousy…
In our Big Big Limousine…