“Brilliantly Betty” (Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

99 years and still gone too soon, this song is for Betty White. Instead of Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s “Industry Baby” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Brilliantly Betty!”

Full Lyrics:
(A-R-R-Round Before Sliced Bread)

Want you Back, AYY
One More Laugh, AYY
She the Quickest among em
With Wise Cracks, AYY
Emmys Stacked!…. AYY
Girl Could Act, AYY
Raise a Glass, AYY!

Been Around Since Prohibition!
No man could put her in a Kitchen!
She went out to Cali’ on a Mission,
Became the Queen of Television!

Sad to see an Angel Go, But we Know,
She’s What Heaven’s Made For…
Surrounded by Labradors,
Next to the.. Cast of Mary Tyler Moore

Just a couple weeks away from a Century,
Didn’t make it, but she kept it 💯anyway,
She was a Perfect Soul,
Like Merlot, Got Better as she gettin’ Older.

Uh Gotta, uh Gotta Say that this one Stung, SAY THAT
99, But Seemin’ So Young,
She was Loved by Everyone
Even North Korea’s Kim Jung,

She was like Sugar, But Sweeter! (huh!)
Like a Bentley, But Sleeker! (huh!)
She was like Gucci, but “Chic”er! (huh!)
I’d Freaky Friday Just to Be Her
Ayyyy, She’s the Coolest!
… Her Demeanor was more Peaceful than a Buddhist.
The way she Smiled into the Camera was the Cutest,
She got me Laughin’ in that Ryan Reynolds movie

I Kinda wish i was her GRANDSON!
She was Chiller than an Ambien! (yeah)
Her Entire Life was like a Lesson, (huh)
“Be A Betty, Not a Karen”, Yeah

I know we Miss her So, But you Know,
That’s what HULU’s there for,
All the Old Episodes of her shows,
Streaming & Available

Betty Hosted SNL when she was 88,
Drove herself there, goin’ 20 down the Interstate,
But she’s so Wonderful and Beloved,
The Cops Didn’t even Pull her over.

… Her Comedy was So Clean,
But just a Little Bit Steamy
She started back with Houdini,
Put the “White” in Black & White TV,

She had a Date, at the Pearly Gates, Sayin’ “ALL THE GOLDEN GIRLS NEED ME”
In Heaven, up on the Sofa, just eating all of the cheesecake

Sophia, Blanche, and Dororthy’s Ghosts
Bein’ Raunchy & makin Jokes,
Reunited again with Rose!
OG, of the TV, Miss Betty, Yea she’s the GOAT.
Found True Love on a Game Show,
Guest Starred, and married the Host.

No Selfies in Bloomers (aye)
No TMZ Rumors (aye)
No topless paparazzi shots on Carribean Schooners,
She was raised before Computers
Closer to Wagon Trains than Ubers (Ubers!)
She was on TV, while Neil Armstrong’s going Lunar

SINGERS were called “CROONERS”
Blanche Loved the “No Pants Dance”, but with Rose, I could see a Future
Every year she just kept Gettin Cuter
She was Old, but STILL it felt too soon to Lose Her!

She was Incredible, Comical,
More potent than an Edible!
She loved all cats & dogs,
Animals, Because she had a Heart of Gold.

Alot of other famous people try to Share her Name,
But Betty Boop & Betty Crocker couldn’t hold a Flame,
She’s Unforgettable, Lets Applaud
For Betty’s Final “Curtain Call” (Oh-Whoa)


She was Brilliantly Betty
Sayin “R.I.P. BETTY”