Britney Spears honors Princess Diana: “She wanted to be the heart of the people”

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Britney Spears honored the late Princess Diana in an emotional tribute on Thursday.  The Grammy-winner explained what it is about Diana’s legacy that moved her. “She never wanted to be the queen … she wanted to be the heart of the people,” Spears, 39, penned on Instagram while sharing a photo of the late Princess of Wales attending a 1983 visit to Aukland.  The singer also included and a snap of Diana’s thousands of mourners attending funeral services on September 6, 1997. Added the “Toxic” singer, “She was more than class [diamond emoji] … she was sheer genius down to the way she spoke to the way she mothered her children.” Spears also praised her for “the essence of being completely oblivious to her own power,” noting the record amount of people who tuned in to watch her televised 1981 wedding to Prince Charles. “50 MILLION people watched her get married on TV,” the Crossroads actress raved.  “She will always be remembered as one of the most remarkable women to date.” In a prior Instagram snap, Spears also opened up about the importance of not letting yourself be ruled by defeat. “No matter what curve balls life has thrown at you … no matter how many times you feel or have been disrespected … no matter how many times you’ve cried or worried … no matter how many times you feel like God has given you way more than you can handle,” she wrote, urging her 29 million followers to trust in others “and their advice.”