Buzzed Out (Twenty One Pilots Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

If the Bees disappear then so will SO many of our favorite things! Instead of Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Buzzed Out!”
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I wish that i could Buzz around without being Heard,
i wish that i could Fly Fast like a Hummingbird,
I wish an open can of soda, didn’t make me Drool…
I wish I didn’t have to die, every time I Sting

All my Bee Friends have gone missing, and it really stinks,
cuz now I’m All Alone, as the population Shrinks

My name’s Buzzy face, and I’m going Extinct
My name’s Buzzy face and I’m going Extinct

Wish we could turn back Time, to the Good old days
When the Honey bees, Roamed so FREE, but now we’re Buzzed Out!
Chillin’ in the Hive, (oh!) Dancing with the Queen,
Wanna Pollinate Flowers please, But now we’re Buzzed Out!

We’re Buzzed Out!

I used to Fly Around, the Garden in the Summer Sun,
Collecting the Pollen from a blossoming Chrysanthemum
I’d make some honey out of it, if my Wings could Pound it,
While I’m flexing all my Bee Arms, The Ladies call em “Honey Guns”

So Raise your Nectar, I’ll give a Bee Toast,
Y’all know, this Old Hive’s Dope, it’s our “Home Sweet Honeycomb”
But now we’re finding that the Population Threaten’ed
Giving me the Hee-Bee Gee-Bees, cuz we in the “Bee-Maggedon”

My-My-My name’s Buzzy face and I’m going Extinct
Hey There Human Race, Us Bees, are Right on the Brink…

And in the grocery aisles, Honey Nut Nothing,
Your Favorite Chicken Wing Sauce to Dip, is gone & Buzzed OUT…
Is it Pesticides? (Oh?) or Maybe Climate Change,
Killin’ ALL my Friends? Clinically, BEE-pressed, I’m Bummed out

I Used to fly around, with a Smile everyday,
Now I’m doin lines of Pollen, in a Dirty Alleyway,
Humans Wiping out our Race, but everyday they in our face,
Saying, “Wake up, you need to make Honey” (Bzzz)

Feet up off the Ground, I was Buzzin’ like a Pimp,
Now my Yellow stripes are fading, and I’m feeling like a Shrimp
I Gotta take a Bee-Viagra, cuz my Stinger’s goin’ Limp,
Saying, “Wake up, you need to make Honey” (Bzzz)

Winnie the POOH will CRY, when the Honey’s Drained,
And your lips will STING, cuz Burts Bee’s Supply got Buzzed out
Raise your Butts up High, Sting-a-long with Me!
Form a Bee ARMY, Swarm Troopers or we’ll get Buzzed Out!

I used to make the Best, used to make the Best Honey,
Now it Ain’t the Best, it’s Sour, and It’s Chunky,
Used to make the Best, used to make the Best Honey,
Now it is Grotesque, and Curdles in your Tummy,

Used to be on top, now my Life is in Decay,
Got Evicted from the Hive, And my Girlfriend Flew Away
Humans Stompin’ Out our race, but they Still up in our face,
Saying, “Wake up, you need to make Honey” (Bzzz)