COVID-19 saved Americans billions of hours last year

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(NEW YORK) — If COVID-19 has you working remotely from home, chances are you’ve noticed that you had a bit more time for yourself over these past months.  You’re not alone because, apparently, Americans saved millions — actually, even billions — of hours just by not sitting in traffic over the past 364 days.

INRIX, Inc. reports that a new study found that, over the past year, Americans only lost 26 hours due to traffic — so a little over a day — while in 2019, that number was up to 99 hours.

Throw that into a calculator, and that means Americans saved 3.4 billion hours thanks to COVID-19.  That means we, the people, raked in about $51 billion in time savings — if we could make a profit off of what life was like in 2019.

INRIX transportation analyst Bob Pishue said, “Covid-19 has completely transformed when, where and how people move.”

“Morning commutes in cities across the world went without delay as people reduced auto and transit travel to offices, schools, shopping centers and other public spaces,” he continued.

The study found that those who live in urban areas saved the most time, with Washington D.C. leading the past by seeing declines in hours lost to traffic slide by 77 percent since 2019.

However, New York City — home of some of the worst bottlenecks — still lost about 100 hours due to traffic delays, nay, road construction.  Still, that’s about 28 percent less than 2019, so consider that a win.

Also, as a whole, the nation drove about 82 percent less miles than the prior year when it comes to passenger vehicles.  Big box cars and tankers, on the other hand, are about on par — but with less cars on the road, they probably aren’t complaining.

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