Cuffin’ (Maneskin Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

When the weather gets colder, and the singles get lonelier, CUFFING SEASON sweeps across the country. Instead of Maneskin’s “Beggin'” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Cuffin'”

Full Lyrics:
Now it’s getting Cold out, Baby,
So I’m Cuffin’

I’m Cuffin’! Cuffin’ you
Wanna love ya’ Temporarily
I’m cuffin’, cuffin’ you
Call It Off in February…

Winter Time, I Need a Fling…
I’ll take ANYONE, down for Cuddling…
Now I’m Your Beast, you Be my Belle…
But we won’t last Forever, this Ain’t Duracell..

Doin’ Intimate things with you in the Snow,
We Go on a Sleigh Ride, and Sip Co-Coca,
You wanna SKI? I say “Babe Lets go!”
Only Diamond You’ll Get, is Out On these SLOPES
Scared to Freeze, so i’m Cuffin!
Hibernating With You
Matching Paja-mamas!

I’m Cuffin, Cuffin’ you
Lets Sit & Watch a Hallmark Movie…
I’m Cuffin’, Cuffin’ you
Naughty List for what We’re Doing’

Lets stick to, a winter plan…
Polar Plunge, while Holding’ Hands…
And I hope that, you comprehend…
If you turn me Down, Then I’ll just’ Snake ur friend

CUFF! with me,
On Christmas Eve,
And just Like Santa’s Gifts, Lay me by the Tree…

New Years Night
In Tuxedos,
You’ll find out at TWELVE, where my Tongue’ll GO…

We be Sledding, We be Skating,
We be Hanging, Decorations,
Every body thinks that we Dating (???)
But we Doin’ It, No Complications,
Your my Number One Christmas WISH
I want ya Like Lil Ralphie Wanna BB Gun,
Got a Problem and you are the Fix…
Cuz At My Work Party, I’ll need-uh PLUS ONE, So…

Let’s Set the Tone…
Can’t Be Alone….
Like Game of Thrones…
Winter has Come…
It’s Getting cold
… And I just, REALLY NEED SOMEONE to hold…so i’m CUFFIN’

Mhh, Ye-e-ah!
I’m Cuffin’ / cuffin’ you
Never gonna meet My Family!
I’m cuffin, cuffin you
We Keep it Casual, as Khaki’s

On Hanukah,
I’ll Curl Your Toes,
By Valentines,
I’m gonna Ghost,
The Mistletoe, won’t be so Bad…
When you’re WITH someone it feels Way less sad..

I’m cuffin’, cuffin you
Snuggled under ONE BIG BLANKET
I’m cuffin’ cuffin’ you
Mariah Carey’s Song, Lets CRANK IT!

I’m cuffin’, cuffin you
Cuz i dont wanna be so Lonely…
I’m cuffin’ cuffin’ you
I’m cuffin’, cuffin you
Ain’t no Christmas Cards we’re Sendin’
I’m cuffin’ cuffin’ you
Break Up with a, Happy Endin’