Dad Status (Ed Sheeran Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

For everything that makes our dads so unique, this song goes out to them! Instead of Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “DAD STATUS”


Scatter his Socks All Around… Just Like a Tornado
Got a Wallet Thicker Than, The Vault at WELLS FARGO!
Forget to Turn the Light Off And, You’ll make his head Explode,
Some Coors Light and Wings, Speak to His Soul!

That “Dad Status” turn his Arm Chair into a Throne,
Got a Holster on his Waist Band, Meant for his Phone,
He’ll say: “Go And Ask Your Mom”, To Avoid Saying “NO”,
All his Best Jokes have to Do… with Toots… or Poops.

He’ll inhabit family Bathrooms, seem like for Days,
Sport a pair of Underwear from 1998,
Won’t Shut Up about how Great, things were back in the day…
Better Lose the Attitude, Or You’ll, be screwed
He’ll Send your to your Room!

Dad invented being Cool…
He Owns the Family Jewels

During Shark week he’s the Guy, Rootin’ for the Sharks…
On the Couch He’ll fall Asleep, Before the Movie Starts
He got Peter Griffin’s Bod, with Danny Tanner’s Heart!
And each Steak, He Grills… A work of Art!

He’s Dramatic bout the Grass, needs it Perfectly Mowed…
Doesn’t use a GPS, while he’s out on the Roads,
Endless Battle with the Phlegm, always Clearing his Throat,
He’s Owns Every Power Tool, In School, No Fool…
“Dagnabbit” is his Favorite, Old-Timey Phrase
In the Parking Lot, He Always Backs into a Space…
And he got his favorite Shirt, from the Hard Rock Cafe…
Your Own mother got Seduced… and Goosed… Turned Loose!
He’s the Cockerel of the Roost!

Dad Still Thinks he’s 22….

When the Kids aren’t around…
Your Mom Screams his name out Loud! (OH DADDY!)

Yeah, He’ll BLAB it, when i Ask to Keep Things on the low,
Embarrass me in front of Friends, that he don’t even know…
He’s still Rockin’ out to Songs, from Thirty years ago,
Finger Point is the Dance Move, He Use, To Groove…

Dad Habits lead to Workin’ too Hard & too Late,
To Ensure his Family ALWAYS is Happy & Safe,
Praises your Every Achievement, No matter how Great,
Nothing that he wouldn’t Do, It’s True…
To Prove, He’s PROUD of Making You…

His Dad Habit’s Lovin You!
New Balance are his Shoes