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Disney’s Mahin Ibrahim & Phillip Domfeh “couldn’t be more proud” of the filmmakers behind Disney’s ‘Launchpad’

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Courtesy of Disney

Mahin Ibrahim and Phillip Domfeh are two of the company leaders behind Disney’s Launchpad, a collection of live-action short films which helps to highlight a new generation of dynamic storytellers. 

For Ibrahim, who serves as Disney’s Diversity and Inclusion director, the creation of a platform to tell diverse stories was something she personally wanted to support.

“Phillip and I talk a lot about how Hollywood was not built for us,” Ibrahim tells ABC Audio. “So what can we do now that we’re here to help make it what we wish it was when we were of growing up.”

“The good news is the industry is eager for that,” she continues. “Disney is eager for that as well. [We] received only love and support on this journey and our filmmakers really lead the charge… They’re not only filmmakers, but [they’re] leaders.”

Domfeh, a Senior Diversity and Inclusion manager, agrees, adding that being “a writer and director [himself]… makes the work so much more personal.”

“I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to help shape the industry that ultimately I want to work in,” he says. “And so it’s a unique time… now more than ever. We know that if you want to find a unique story that perhaps hasn’t been told — why don’t you look to someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to tell their story?”

And that’s exactly what Disney’s Launchpad offers with its inaugural season of filmmakers. Centered on the theme of “Discover,” Domfeh says each artist brings “stories in such new and different ways.”

“Whether it’s discovering friendship, discovering your identity, discovering love after loss… I mean, there’s so many different ways that our filmmakers crack into these stories,” he says. “And honestly, we couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Disney’s Launchpad is available to stream Friday on Disney+.

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