Dodging Cars (OneRepublic Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

If you’re biking around town, you need a song to celebrate it! Instead of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Dodging Cars!”

Full Lyrics:
With Inflation, nothing’s very cheap,
Do I Buy Food this week, or Gasoline?
But Maybe I should Leave my KIA Parked?
Strap on my Helmet, and then pump my petals Hard…
Cuz, I’ll be Dodging CARS….

Adjust the Seat, On my Brand new Bike,
Ride It, Pony, Ginuwine!
Back & Forth l Serpentine…
It’s my road too, I got Rights!

WHOA! Just Hit a Pot Hole…
Stunned, but still in control…
Jumped a cop car on Patrol,
Like E.T. Goin’ Home!

My Spandex are So Tight…
You Can See Everything
And I, just got a bad Cramp,
Down in my Hamstring!

I’m Gonna Ride, Thought the Light, And Stop Signs…
I’ll Just ring my Bell Twice, and it should be Fine!

Check the Pavement, and you’ll Clearly See….
A Little Bike Lane, Painted Just for Me
Catch me Zippin’ down this Boulvevard,
“Peddling” over Bricks, Like Pablo Escobar

Some Days, I May borrow from my Niece
Her Bike Got Tassled Grips and Rainbow Seats…
Flowered Basket on my Handlebars…
This Transportation got R. Kelly…
Waving from his YARD?!? (Oh No)

Around and Round, Both of my Legs Churn…
Feet Like Sonic, Circle Blurs!
Spin that that Rubber, Make it Burn,
Stick My Arm Out, When I turn

Lungs! Feel Like They’ll Explode
Drained! But my Calves Look Swole!

Goin up hill, I Lose Hope,
Prayin’ for that Downward Slope!

I, Will Kick Your Hyundai,
If it’s in the Bike Lane!!!
Don’t Try, to Mess With Me…
I’m, A One-man, Bike Gang!

Morning Drive, On my Bike, I’m THAT Guy!
Ride to Work, My Dress Shirt’s, Soaked, when I Arrive

Safely, I’ll Be riding my Ten Speed,
Reflective Vest just Blowing in the Breeze…
Knee Pads Strapped to my Legs & Upper Arms
Sports Cup from Ireland,
Protects Me Lucky Charms

Not much Comfort, on a Biking Seat,
Gave me a Callous on my RIGHT, Butt Cheek,
Got one Pant leg, tucked into My SOCKS,
I treat my Bike like a Fiancé,
Put that thing On-LOCK!

Save some Money,
Ride to Work!
No Gas Ever
The Pump, you Won’t Squirt

Show Some Love
to Mother Earth
Pedal to the Thought of
No Fossil Fuels Burned

Flattened Tummy
Cardio Turnt!
Burnin’ off the Blubber,
Goodbye to that Girth…

When it’s Over,
My Legs Hurt!
Thighs more Jelly
Than Yoplait Yogurt!

IF you wanna Carpool… I Got a Tandem Bike

Crazy Drivers Open your Eyes, Please!
Like Wonder Woman’s Jet, they Don’t see me,
Cars come Flyin’, like the AutoBahn,
I Almost fell but kept my, Training Wheels On,

Move like Neo, in a Matrix Scene,
Dodgin’ more Impacts, than a Dodge Ball Team.
Weave Thru Traffic, like a Work of Art…
My Turns are Crisper than the Lettuce,
from the Salad Bar…

Press those Pedals,
Down to Earth
Pushing Even More,
Than a Hospital Birth!

Ride through Mud or,
Ride through Dirt…
Even through the Sand
Of the Hottest Desert!

City Streets,
Or Sidewalk Curves,
We Cycle Together
Like Flocks of Big Birds!

When You Park your
Bike at Work,
You can Chain it up,
To a Pole, On the Curb…