Experience the rainbow! Taste the zombies! Wear the "socially distant" costume!


(NEW YORK) — Anyone who hasn’t yet gotten the pandemic social-distancing message by now would have to be dead.  Or undead, maybe — in which case, Skittles has you covered.

Along with reintroducing their Zombie Skittles for Halloween — about which more in a bit — the candy is giving a nod to the ongoing pandemic by giving you a chance to win what they’re calling a ‘Zombie Skittles Socially Distant Costume.’

The rest of us would call it what it is: a giant bag of Zombie Skittles.  But what makes it “socially distant” is the fact it’s six feet wide, making it a handy measure of how far others need to stand from you to adhere to pandemic distancing rules.

Of course, when you think about it, if you’re wearing the bag that leaves only a couple of feet sticking out on each side, and nothing in the front and back, meaning anyone can get closer than six feet to you.  But if that happens, you can always press the costume’s special ‘zombie mode’ button, which spritzes “the aroma of rotten zombie,” apparently ensuring that no one will approach you, even if you want them to.

You can enter to win one of a limited number of the Zombie Skittles Socially Distant costumes at Darethe  Of course, it’s all to promote the Halloween return of Zombie Skittles.  “Most taste delicious but some taste like rotten zombie,” the website promises. 

If you’re not exactly certain what rotten zombie tastes like — and we would certainly hope none of us are — Skittles more helpfully offers that “there are a few that are waiting to attack your palate with notes of soil and decay.”

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