Fans With Beer Cases (Garth Brooks Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Football is back and you know what that means: Time for tailgate parties! Instead of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Fans With Beer Cases!”
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Well, I Pulled up at Noon, into Parking Lot 2,
Unfolded our new Camping Chairs,
In Colorful Clothes, Jerseys just like the Pros,
And our Lucky Gameday Underwears…

I Seen a couple of Guys…
From the Team we Despise!
And I Shout at ’em something Profone…
I Said: “Ya’ll Gonna Lose, So you can Kiss our Caboose…
After our Team Runs a TRAIN!”

‘Cuz Footballs Back! So who can blame us?
As we’re Pounding Drinks, that our Friends gave us,
In Painted Face…
Hope it Ain’t Lead-Based!
Yea, got Beer cans, in Cold Cases,
You can Call us trash, cuz we’re So “Wasted”!
We’re Football Fans, in Car Spaces!

oh we’ll Sing a Fight Song, while Playin’ Beer Pong
And Actin’ like We’re 24
Something rumbles Inside,
The Chili ain’t sittin’ right,
Make a SPRINT for the Porta-Potty Door!

Oh and What did I See? A Big Line front a Me!
Looks Longer than at Disneyland,
Well I couldn’t Wait, went between 2 parked Trucks and
I Fertilized that Pavement!

Cuz, I Got Plans, for Pre-Gaming
With the Solo Cups
And the Grill Flaming
Our Rib-Eye Steaks… (Um, But i’m a Vegetarian?)
Or Vegan Faux-Beef Franks
Yea… We’ll all Swear, Our Teams’ the Greatest
Even if we Suck, It Still WON’T DEFLATE US!
Cuz as of now… Still No ones Played us!

Yeah, I Brought Some Games, in Trunk Spaces
Toss a Cornhole Bag, into Tight Places.
Not seein’ Straight!
And I Feel, Tail-Great!
Yeah I’ll Bring Some Snacks, in Small Containers
Made a Nacho Dip, with the Seven Layers!
For Heart Attacks, I got the Bayers!

So Let’s get Smashed, In Parking Spaces,
Need this Buzz to Last, through the Whole Game as,
We the Do the Wave,
Clapping Is our Fave!
And, When we Score, I’m a Celebrater!
Give a BIG High Five, to a TOTAL STRANGER!
Though, I Can’t name… Half our Players!
Up In the Stands, With Pom Pom Shakers!