Fightin’ Crime (Sublime Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Everybody loves to praise Batman, but what about ROBIN? Doesn’t he deserve some love, too? Instead of Sublime’s “Doin’ Time” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Fightin’ Crime!”
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Fightin’ Crime up in Gotham City
Batman on the Building with the Cat Lady
Yea, I’ll be ridin’ Shotgun in the Batmobile
Too young to get my license at the DMV
He’s Yellin’ at Me in that Deep, Scratchy Voice,
and I can’t “Dynamic Duo” any Longer!

I thought this job, was more of an Internship,
But Bruce treat me so bad, Like some Nothing Side-Kick…
More Intrusive than a Colonoscopy,
He’ll take the Spotlight, Shine it all on himself and Leave None for me.

Every time, All the newspapers read:
“Batman Caught The Joker”, but they don’t praise me?
Like: “Holy Narcissistic, Classic, Rich, White Male!”
Still callin’ me “Boy Wonder” when I’m 63
Me, I’m over this Scene, ’cause my boss’ goin’ batty
Maybe I’ll go work for Peter Parker?

Oh take this Mask, from off my eyes…
Remove these green tights, from my Thighs…
Been living’ inside a Bat Cave of Denial
Now I gotta Rescue Myself!
Slide up that Batpole, for some help!
Now what?

Slumber time, hanging from the Ceiling
Clearly, Batman’s Therapy is Not working,
’cause he falls in love with all the Evil Villian Girls,
Brings ’em back into his Hot Tub, but he Don’t take Me?!
He and Poison Ivy, Live it up in his Mansion,
While Alfred Makin’ Jalapeño Poppers!

Bezos, Batman’s treatin’ me like Bezos,
Doin’ Deliveries!
Thanos, more worker Satisfaction with Thanos,
Both Snappin at me
Attention: I applied on “Monster”!
Waitin’ for the Riddler, to Send me a job Offer (ohhh)

Yeah, from Afar, we seem like a Partnership…
But he’s the Film Star, I’m treated like The Key Grip,
Oooo Side Car, he gives me the worst Gadgets…
Ohhh, now I’m Scarred, been huffin the Gas Pellets

I’m so sick of this Gig, Wanna quit it and I’ll be Free!
Batman’s in his Limo, acting so Moody,
If he whines to me again about his Dad, I Swear
I’ma leak his true Identity to T-M-Z!
See? The Hero is me! So Unplug the Bat Signal,
Slide in my DMs, if you want Robin!

Fighting Crime! Saving Gotham City…