Gen Like Z (Disney’s Aladdin Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Watch out, Gen Z! There’s another generation coming up behind you, but not before Young Jeffrey can dedicate a song to you! Instead of Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Gen Like Z”
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Well, the Millennials had them skinny jeans
Baby Boomers had their disco flares,
But if your pants so loose, they’d catch a breeze,
Then you’re a Zoomer kid with Zero Cares!

You put the Thunder in your Vaping cloud
A fidget spinner in your idle hands,
You got plans to change the world, somehow
After you learn the latest Tik Tok Dance

And they say:
“Mr. Woke Gen Z’er, speaks in only emojis!”
Text a few dead skulls & circus clowns
Catch feelings, with the perfect Meme, ha-ha-ha!
Your bank is Instagram, where “Likes” are Currency,
Get your crop tops paid thru Venmo, ma’am
We ain’t Never had a Gen like Z!

You’d cry with no cell service.
Without your phone, you’re scared, you’re lost!
When sadness hits, you find solace
Inside a closet full of rainbow Crocs!
You’ve Never burned a Song,
onto a blank CD,
Ya wet the bed from tears you shed,
When Zayn Malik up & left 1-D

Wah-ah-ah! FORTNITE!
Wah-ah-ah! GENDER FLUID!

Everythin’ is “Lit”
Spillin’ tea, No Cap
Ya Flex threads that Drip!
Then drop your head, to Dab!
You’re blowing up like BOOM!
Goin’ Viral here! Ha-ha!
All Your Friends are Casually Dating, with a Simp!?!
Situationships are so Unclear!

And every viral trend you saw online!,
You just did ’em, like a simple Dare,
They said to “eat some tide pods”? Opened wide,
til you had Bubbles in your Underwear!

You like Certain foods inside your mouth
Avocado & gluten-free Toast!
Now Four Lokos & lite beers are out,
Drink White Claws coast to coast! Oh-oh-oh

Words Blur, Sayin’ “It’s Okurrr”
With your eyes Glued to your screen,
Get all you want, Off Amazon
You met every single friend, On the Internet,
And you Make up all the trends, Damn it never ends
We aint Never, Had a Gen Like Z!!!

More “Fire” than when Dragons Breathe!