“Gulp Down Cluck” (Bruno Mars Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

If you’re not hungry before this song… you will be after! In celebration of the Anniversary of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken, instead of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Gulp Down Cluck!”

Full Lyrics:
OM, Om, Nom Nom, Om Nom Nom…. Om NOM
OM, Om, Nom Nom, Om Nom Nom…. Om NOM

THIS Flavors, So Bold,
With FRIED Skin, that BROWN Gold
No PLATES, just BIG Bowls,

Puttin’ my MOUth on that Chicken
Made 10 Grand, on Only Fans…
Just Doin’ my Finger Lickin’

TOO GOOD (hot damn)
Stuck my Tongue Right in the WARMING Pan…
TOO GOOD (hot damn)
Eat a Bucket, out the Garbage Can,
SO GOOD (hot damn)
Fought a SEA-GULL!, For one in the SAND,
SO GOOD! (hot damn)
And the SAUCES Taste like HONEY (Put em DOWN) like,

COLESLAW, I’m gonna SPOON ya… (Oooo!)
SUCK—MORE, In than-a Roomba, (Oooo!)
PIGGIN’—-OUT, more than-a PUMBA, (Oooo!)
Cuz GULP DOWN, CLUCK, gon’’ give it to ya,
LEG, BONE, SUCK gon’ stick it to ya,
RANCH BOWL DUNK, gon’ Dip it to ya,
So many WINGS, up in the SPOT,
Horrible place to BIRD-WATCH (ow!)
(doh doh doh doh)

Chicken Little got LOST (Ba-CAW!)
(doh, doh, doh, doh)

Foghorn LegHorn got Sauced
Served him up, in a BOX
Greasy Lips just got GLOSSED

WOW!… 12 Piece…
Just IG-NORE all the Calories…
NO Shame, in Hot Grub…
Eaten ‘out, of a TUB!

It’s that Good Mood, Soul Food,
Frying’ it UP in Kentucky,
Those BURGER Guys
Doin’ Chicken Fries
No wonder they TASTE so Sucky

Soo Good (Hot Damn)
Got More Breasts, than a MAM-OGRAM
Too Good (Hot Damn)
But In my Bowels it CAUSE a Traffic Jam…
So Good (Hot Damn)
I Licked my Finger, Almost Ate my Hand,
Too Good (Hot Damn)
Kick Ronald in the McNuggets… Break it down like…
8-Piece is gonna Fuel Ya
Gravy I’m gonna POOL, ya
MACK n’ CHEESE, I’m gonna Drool, ya

cuz GULP DOWN CLUCK gon’ give it to you!
BIG ROUND TUB, gon, Fill it For ya!
POP CORN NUGZ, gon’ DEAL-it to Ya!
Drive thru LINE, I’m Pulling Up…
Order into the BOX… (Yea) *Welcome to KFC, can i take your order?”
(doh doh doh doh doh)

KFC hit the SPOT
(doh doh doh doh doh)

Recipe is on LOCK,
Original is on TOP
Spicy Chicken So HOT
MAKE my eyes, go POP!
Hey, hey, Hey oh…

Before i Leave…
I’m gonna take like, 80 Napkins…

Dark Meat, Cluck you UP
Dark Meat, Cluck you UP
White Meat, Cluck you UP,
White Meat, Cluck you UP

Large BOWL, LUMP em Up,
Mashed Potato, CLUMPS
And FILL my Pick UP Truck CHICKEN!

FANS! jump on it
If it’s Greasy I want it
Like White-on-rice I’m on it
DANCE I’m on it,
The Road, I’m gon’ Cross IT
Walkin’ up into the Spot,
and Got my KFC Crocs!

Gulp DOWN CLUCK you Up
Gulp DOWN CLUCK you Up
Go and PICK some up
Go and PICK some up

Five Bucks FILL you up
Whole Meal Couple BUCKS
Biscuits Buttered Up,
Veins all Cluttered Up,

Colonel HOOK you UP,
Sanders HOOK you UP, (Say whaaat?)
Drumstick COOK you UP!
Drumstick COOK you UP! (Say whaaat?)

Ranch Bowl DUNK you Up
Ranch Bowl DUNK you Up! (Say whaaat?)
Warm Thighs LOVE you UP!
Warm Thighs LOVE you UP!