Help a Broadway performer, and brighten a friend's day, with Sing for Hope Grams


(NEW YORK) — Like so many industries, the ongoing pandemic has hit the Great White Way hard, with the curtain closed on Broadway performances until at least May of next year.  But there’s a way you can help struggling performers pay the bills in the meantime — and brighten a friend or family member’s day.

It’s called SingforHopeGrams — like a telegram delivered right to your door, in song.  For just a hundred bucks, a bona-fide Broadway performer, musician or even an opera star will deliver a musical message to whomever you choose.  Of course, given the pandemic, it’s limited to a telephone, WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom video call, but that also means you can send one anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is provide details on why you’re sending the musical message and specify what style of performance you prefer — Broadway, opera, pops and standards, country, Spanish language or instrumental.  The artist does the rest, choosing the selection they feel works the best. 

Sing for Hope promises “100% of proceeds go to help working artists and the communities we serve.”

Sing for Hope also welcomes donations so they can bring performances to “nursing home residents, veterans, and front-line healthcare workers.”

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