Hey Cold Killer (TRAIN Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

October means Spooky Movie Season! This song is from the perspective of all those helpless, clueless and limbless victims of horror movie villains. Instead of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Hey Cold Killer”

Full Lyrics:

I Seen Blood Stains
And a clown inside that Sewer Drain…
Asked me if I knew any Children?
So i Brought my Nephew Dillion…(Oops, My Bad)

You hear my Screams,
Watchin’ Jason Vorhee’s Instagram, LIVE Stream
I’m Havin’ Trouble Deciding
Just where I should be Hidin’, Upstairs seems Fine,

Hey! Cold Killers
From the Horror Thrillers, Been Attacking me, Tracking Me..
In the Shower Psycho Stabbin’ Me,

Say, cold killers,
Don’tchu Linger by my Cabin in the Woods, Tonight..


The MOTEL Bates…
Shoulda Checked the Yelp Reveiws before i Stayed…
I’m in a Saw situation
Must DO my own Amputation, Right foot Good-Bye—Ay-Ayyyyy!!!…

That Old Mansion
It Looks so Spooky And ABANDONED, But I walk in,
The Creepy Sounds I HEAR! You can BEG me, to ignore em,
But i’m Gonna Go explore em, Everytime!

HEY! cold killer
Please don’t eat my Liver, Like an Animal, You Cannibal,
With the Fava Beans Like, HANNIBAL,

Hey cold killer
Don’t Cut Off my Skin, and Make a Romper from me, (Tonight)
I Hide Underneath my Bed,
What a, Dumb Choice, Runnin’ TO THE SHED!, With a
… Masked Dude Killin’ ALL my Friends,
Top Three Worst ROAD Trips, I’ve EVEN Been,
See a, WET GIRL Crawlin Outta my TV!
Weird Red Headed, Doll Held a KNIFE to me.
Elm Street’s got the WORST Air-BnBs!

Hey Cold Killer
Hope you’ll Reconsider, all the Stabby stuff, Gore & Guts
Your More Serial, than Cocoa Puffs…

Hey Cold Killer,
I’m stuck in a Thriller, where my CELL PHONE Always DIES!
Hey cold killer
I’m just trying to ditch you, make the SEQUEL, if I, SURVIVE!

Help! (Oh No! I just tripped on Literally NOTHING!) (Tonight)

Help, help
Help, help, help, help
Help, help, help, help (SURVIVE)