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venusbyevelynBorn with the “gift of prophecy”, Evelyn is renowned nationally and internationally for her ability to accurately predict and forecast events. Evelyn uses her abilities and understanding of the forces of nature to accurately interpret her visions to assist her clientele in aspects of their personal and professional lives. 100.3 FM is pleased to provide these insightful horoscopes for you weekly.

Astrological Summaries are updated for you every Saturday.

Aries (the ram)

Make yourself a To-Do-List today and include some check off points as you go through each day, then work to keep this initiative for at least 7-8 more days. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 99.99% and Lucky Breaks: @ +00.75 …

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Taurus (the bull)

Watch those business relationships a bit closer because, if you’re not being entirely truthful with a loved one, admit that to yourself and come clean right away. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 100% and Lucky Breaks: @ 89 …

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Gemini (the twins)

You may feel as if there are plenty of obstacles to overcome this week before you can get others to hear you out, so utilize your skills in discuss the annoying situations in order to convince those around to come around to your side. *** *** COSMIC PE …

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Cancer (the crab)

You have a good chance of swaying enough people your way to make a positive difference in annoying situations around you even in the midst of aspects from new planet influences.  Use caution with undertakings because of aspects from planets Pluto and S …

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Leo (the lion)

Make wise decisions this cycle due to major planet influences for your sign (all this week).  Influences from the slow-moving planets are going to be your time to adjust your patience! *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 99.00 …

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Virgo (the virgin)

When it comes to finances, you’re having a bit of difficulty with balance, so try looking at each of your accounts separately. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 90.00% and Lucky Breaks: @ 89.25% *** *** HEALING STONE FOR YOU …

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Libra (the scales)

– Get into a more conciliatory mood so you can speak in moderate tones instead of screaming to the top of your lungs! *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 75.00% and Lucky Breaks: @ +00.50% *** *** HEALING STONE FOR YOUR SIGN: …

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Scorpio (the scorpion)

Acting hastily and doing what other people want you to do instead of following your still inner voice might not pane out too well – use prudence and make realistic wise decisions as each day of this cycle unfolds.   *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRE …

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Sagittarius (the archer)

You may find yourself looking for a little romance this week or at least trying to release some emotional tension. This is one of those forecast cycles where you will more than likely appreciate a smile or a hug. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” PO …

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Capricorn (the goat)

There will likely be feelings of abandonment – which is normal due to aspect from the slower moving planets this week.  You may want to just get out and walk or exercise in order to relieve the emotional (adverse) feelings. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “S …

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Aquarius (the water bearer)

Take a little trip, or get outside this week and get those annoying issues off your mind.  Some things have no conclusion and if you want to break that routine and try something new or different right now. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: – …

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Pisces (the fishes)

By not paying attention to personal issues, you may find some of your values at odds with your own best interests; so, it will be best to do what is right for SELF and everything else will and should take care on its’ own. *** *** COSMIC PERCENTAGE “ST …

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