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venusbyevelynBorn with the “gift of prophecy”, Evelyn is renowned nationally and internationally for her ability to accurately predict and forecast events. Evelyn uses her abilities and understanding of the forces of nature to accurately interpret her visions to assist her clientele in aspects of their personal and professional lives. 100.3 FM is pleased to provide these insightful horoscopes for you weekly.

Astrological Summaries are updated for you every Saturday.

Aries (the ram)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Mars” THIS WEEK:  Career choices, the obvious path that is opening up for you, may grate against your own sense of freedom and independence. Success and security at the expense of originality may be too great a price …

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Taurus (the bull)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Venus” THIS WEEK: Your path or career may be at right angles with your own sense of security and responsibilities. A hard trade-off to figure. You can’t win, so some negotiations are in order. Try to cut a path that …

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Gemini (the twins)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Mercury ” THIS WEEK:  career direction gets some encouragement, and life’s problems should find easy solutions. You may benefit from an older person or one in authority. A bout of philosophy or even a little religion …

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Cancer (the crab)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Moon” THIS WEEK: Things are happening, and your career, or path depends upon your own ambition and drive, which are strong now. Able to use good common horse-sense, you can feel trends and make the right moves. A tim …

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Leo (the lion)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Leo” THIS WEEK: Your career may be at a rather delicate point and under a lot of pressure. It could be hard to find solutions or make the right decisions as to how to proceed. The whole process could be stopped up an …

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Virgo (the virgin)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Mercury” THIS WEEK: Career choices, decisions that should be made, may appear to go against or challenge your current sense of security and home environment. The easy way out may not be beneficial to your health and …

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Libra (the scales)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Venus” THIS WEEK: Continued success on the career level may point to your abandoning some of your hopes and dreams, your ideals. While success is important, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Your ideals g …

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Scorpio (the scorpion)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Pluto” THIS WEEK: Your mind may be very clear now and your thoughts brought to a sharp focus. Easy to organize your thoughts, and communication of all kinds is furthered. Write that book, take that course. Your thoug …

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Sagittarius (the archer)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Jupiter” THIS WEEK: A surge of “GO IT ALONE” or rather your independence, a need for freedom, and an interest in trying new and different things may take hold of you. Unusual or unconventional behavior, an interest i …

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Capricorn (the goat)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Saturn” THIS WEEK: An opportunity to use your imagination to improve your living environment or beautify your surroundings. You may feel very idealistic about your friends, especially someone who is younger or who co …

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Aquarius (the water bearer)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Uranus” THIS WEEK: Since you are so comfortable with attention and social activity, you often seem to not want to face giving time for SELF.  You really do need to recharge dear RAM – you’ll feel tired at the beginni …

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Pisces (the fishes)

  TIP FROM YOUR RULING PLANET “Neptune” THIS WEEK: This week will require a lot of preparation, so you’ll want to compare notes with others. Since you can’t do anything to improve the situation, you’ll have to rely on trust. A loved one is absent …

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