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venusbyevelynBorn with the “gift of prophecy”, Evelyn is renowned nationally and internationally for her ability to accurately predict and forecast events. Evelyn uses her abilities and understanding of the forces of nature to accurately interpret her visions to assist her clientele in aspects of their personal and professional lives. 100.3 FM is pleased to provide these insightful horoscopes for you weekly.

Astrological Summaries are updated for you every Saturday.

Aries (the ram)

  There are big changes taking place in a loved one’s life this forecast cycle, and that person is in the midst of adjusting. Nothing like friendship …. A close friend will likely seek your advice this forecast cycle.   *** *** LUCK FOR “ARIE …

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Taurus (the bull)

  This is one of those times in life where you will want something more imaginative and less mundane.   *** *** LUCK FOR “TAURUS” –   Harmonious Colors:  – Yellow and Blue (Red is inharmonious) –   Lucky Stone for your sign:  – Diamond (and E …

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Gemini (the twins)

  Most of the days this forecast cycle will like bring about issues that need resolving. And, an explosive time during which a rebellious urge within you presents an emotional challenge during the opening days of this forecast.   *** *** LUCK FOR …

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Cancer (the crab)

  Your career could become almost ideal, or you could find yourself taking an interest in more spiritual and world matters. The direction of your life could turn more to questions of world affairs, psychology, religion and/or world-unity.   * …

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Leo (the lion)

  Frustration, especially in getting things accomplished, may set today’s mood. You could fly off the handle with very little provocation, so exercise some control and be ready for a possible emotional overload. *** *** LUCK FOR “LEO” –   Harmonio …

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Virgo (the virgin)

  You will find that your mind and thoughts will be very intense just now. There could be a lot of pressure to make decisions that you will regret later. Plenty of nervous energy. *** *** LUCK FOR “VIRGO” –   Harmonious Colors:  – Black, Gold (and …

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Libra (the scales)

  Things are not as in tune as they might be, but resolution and progress are possible through mutual recognition and compromise. Impact priorities and be ready to give on small points in order to gain on the large ones.   *** *** LUCK FOR “L …

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Scorpio (the scorpion)

  A very nice day, perhaps filled with some renewed appreciation for all that is beautiful and fine. A sense of value and valuing that may find you lavishing affection on those near you. You might feel love or value for an older person.   *** …

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Sagittarius (the archer)

  Your desires are strong, and you will want to enjoy yourself. A memorial occurrence that’s romantic is very possible. Also, there is a basic drive to appreciate and taste life by being (more) thankful for each day!   *** *** LUCK FOR “SAGIT …

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Capricorn (the goat)

  A very superficial forecast cycle … …. It may not be possible for you to penetrate to anything remotely meaningful or moving. Perhaps a sense of the artificial, the repetitive, the senseless … …. You can’t seem to get beneath the surface.   …

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Aquarius (the water bearer)

  A time for imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and thinking … …  This, coupled with the ability to put your thoughts into words, allows you to captivate and spellbind … … . A good book or movie would be appreciated too.   *** …

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Pisces (the fishes)

  Intense emotional drama is available if that is what you need. Your emotions are not in tune with the more sensitive and private areas of your life. Push on now and you risk some very turbulent emotional scenes.   *** *** LUCK FOR “PISCES” …

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