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venusbyevelynBorn with the “gift of prophecy”, Evelyn is renowned nationally and internationally for her ability to accurately predict and forecast events. Evelyn uses her abilities and understanding of the forces of nature to accurately interpret her visions to assist her clientele in aspects of their personal and professional lives. 100.3 FM is pleased to provide these insightful horoscopes for you weekly.

Astrological Summaries are updated for you every Saturday.

Aries (the ram)

Cross-purposes, crossed wires, and conflicting energies may have left you drained of late, but realignment is now underway that will allow you to get back in tune with things. *** *** “Cosmic” – PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 99.25% and …

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Taurus (the bull)

This begins a three-week period during which you have the opportunity to refine and perhaps re-purpose the way you project yourself in your current surroundings.  — — Round off the raw edges and pull in any potential entanglements that might be slo …

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Gemini (the twins)

You have not only the right, but sometimes the obligation, to change your mind in order to insure consistency and personal impact. Toward the end, this may particularly include tightening up solutions to previously resolved issues to be sure they are w …

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Cancer (the crab)

After three weeks of re-adjustment, you can start getting plans back into shape for going ahead, which includes some new feathers put on your personal image. You may find you have discovered some improved ways of fitting your own leadership into the mi …

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Leo (the lion)

Although it might not have seemed so a couple of weeks ago, you’re increasingly glad to have had the opportunity to edit your life a bit so you can better exploit your position both socially and financially during the next month or so. Some changes wil …

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Virgo (the virgin)

A period of clarification is now underway, during which you can clear things up and get what you need from the immediate surroundings without having to repeat yourself so much. Partially, that’s due to general happenstance, but equally important is put …

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Libra (the scales)

Playful creativity can be a hallmark of the next three weeks, but only if you are willing to let it take its course wherever it leads. Don’t expect to follow a straight track but go where things lead you until you start to establish a pattern. *** *** …

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Scorpio (the scorpion)

A period of some delays, detours, and slowdowns has turned the corner and with a little more fine-tuning life operations will be not only back to normal but improved. *** *** “Cosmic” – PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 70.00% and Lucky Br …

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Sagittarius (the archer)

This is gonna be a great week with aligned planets affording you the discipline (for once) to hold your peace and not get involved in heated discussions. *** *** “Cosmic” – PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 80.00% and Lucky Breaks: @ 0.50% …

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Capricorn (the goat)

What ah great week with the boldness of planet SUN, and the fires of planet MARS giving you positive vibes!  Transits this cycle are affording you to discard any and all things within your presence that are not useful (at this time) *** *** “Cosmic” – …

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Aquarius (the water bearer)

You don’t have the stars in your favor this cycle to go out on a limb or take unnecessary risk; therefore, situations taking place this week are from challenges that need to be overcome. *** *** “Cosmic” – PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ …

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Pisces (the fishes)

Hang on there … … all this week you’ve gotta deal with inconsistent occurrences; therefore, you will need to use positive traits in order to get through this cycle (stress free)! *** *** “Cosmic” – PERCENTAGE “STRENGTH” POINTS: –  Enthusiasm: @ 80.00% …

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