How Does Your Sleigh Go? (Doja Cat Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

What would it like to be along for the ride on Santa’s sleigh for just one Christmas? Instead of Doja Cat’s “Say So” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “How Does Your Sleigh Go?”

Full Lyrics:
Christmas Eve til mornin’, He’s Flyin’ all the Toys In,
But can’t make too much Noise and, he’s gotta Tip Toe!
All the Kids are Snoring, But I just Wanna Join Him,
For One Night of Employment… What do ya Say, Bro?
Santa if you’re Lonely, I’ll be your Sleddin’ Homie,
I Just want You to Show me, How does your Sleigh Go?
Saw the Seat was Open, called “Shotgun” now I OWN It,
No Seatbelts are you Jokin’??? This can’t be Safe, NO!

I wanna fly UP with YOU (to The North Pole)
Meetin’ all Santas Elves, Ringin’ they’re Jingle Bells…
Tell me What can I do? (Let me Know!)
This Sugar Rush has Got me Tweakin’
From all the Candy Canes I’m Eatin’…

I’m Making Dolls, for Kids in Norway…
Wrapping them, is NOT my Forte…
Fingers Cramp, like when I ForePlay.. (Baby)
And then it’s time to fly!

All the Gifts we’re Loading, Got Santa’s Bag Exploding,
The Deadline is Approaching, So HURRY Lets Go!
Even if it’s Stormin’, Or Killer Bees are Swarming,
No Chance that we’re Abortin’, So Hit the Turbo.

Taking off Like Boeing, Into the Sky we Going
We higher than Seth Rogan, I’m getting VertiGO…
Flying Cross the Ocean, Got sick from all the Motion.
Puke right over Wyoming… Hey Look Out, BELOW!

Lemme Check that List, Grab the Right Gift!
Makin’ sure the Toys’re goin’ to the Right Kids,
Me and Santa working on the Graveyard Shift…
Speedin’ all around the City like Tokyo Drift.

Got To, Hit It, Quit it, FAST
Land it, Chimney, Presents, Blast
Milk and cookies, Grab a, Glass!
And it Goes Straight to my THIGHS!

Dasher… Dancer.. Comet… Cupid!
Fire. Hydrant. Blocking, Move It!
Parking Ticket, Sleigh got… BOOTED!
Santa had to Pay a FINE!

Dropping off the Lego & the Hello Kitties…
How he gonna squeeze, into the TINY Chimneys?
Suckin’ in his Guy, so that his Waist more SKINNY!
Santa Drinkin’ Milk, but he Prefer da WHISKEY.

Cheeks are Lookin Rosy, and Toes are Gettin’ Froze-y,
But in the Sleigh we’re Cozy… just Sippin’ Cocoa…
Santa gonna Drop In, While up above, I’m Watching
He’s Batman, I am ROBIN… Dynamic Duo!

Check out what’s below us, the Mansion of Nick Jonas,
So as a Little Bonus, Stole his NINTENDO…
Sure this will impress ya, that Santa Drives a Tesla
The Mileage so much Better, For Travel round the GLOBE.