I Can Make Your Mind Bend (Dove Cameron Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

If you’ve ever wanted to perform as a magician, then this is all the inspiration you need. Instead of Dove Cameron’s “Boyfriend” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I Can Make Your Mind Bend”

Full Lyrics:
What’s up my Sleeve?
The Kids are all Thrown…
Kinda naive, they’re just Five years Old,
… Abraca-Dabbit
Out Pops a Rabbit
Next show’s at 2!

A few hundred bucks, for my MAGIC…
And like an Escort Do,
I turn dem… Tricks

I’m your Friendly Neighborhood Magician
Pull a Quarter from Every Orifice
Grant Your mom’s Birthday Wish…

Dazzle You in my Bright Sequined Vest,
Top Hat, Like a Gentleman,
My Cape’s got DOVES in It…

I could make a Metal Spoon Bend!

Pick a Card, and Hold it Tight,
Picture it, up In Your Mind,
Now Go and check your Glass of Wine,
Queen of Hearts is THERE Inside!

I cut you in Half like a Sanndwich, (mmmm, mmmm)
Like Kia Sedona, I’ma Van–ish

Workin’ with my Beautiful Assistant,
Julie is her name, and she’s my girlfriend,
Magic Tights, Magic Lips.
Lay her underneath a Sheet, she’ll ascend,
Levitate her with my Sleight of Hand,
Jeff the Magnificent!

Got a Creepy Little Mustache So Thin…

Magic Me, can make your Mind Bend

Oh, Those Squirting Flowers, I groan…
Balloons I’ve Blown, Jazz Hands I’ve Shown…
Kids Parties I have, Outgrown
Start my Own Vegas Show…

I could make Penn & Teller Both QUIT
David Copperfield, He’ll be my B****,
Name in Lights, On the Strip
Get a bunch of white Tigers and Then
Feed Chris Angel to them…
Like For Real… NO TRICK!

I can put a Metal Ring through my Wrist!
Betcha Harry Potter Can’t Do it like THIS…
Saw my wand, got Jealous
… Suitcase Full of Handcuffs & Clips,
Blindfolds and Bondage Strips…
like-a Fifty Shades of Grey Flick.