I Need A Flippin’ Sabbatical (Miley Cyrus Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

If you’re overworked or just plain OVER work, this one’s for you. Instead of Miley Cyrus’ “I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I Need A Flippin’ Sabbatical”

We Fought, This Strain, Inflation Came,
My Rent, has never been So High…
I’m Tired, As Hell, Don’t Sleep That Well,
I’ve got Steve Buscemi Eyes…

Stress won’t go away, Out of Cabernet,
Puppy Memes get me Through…
Life Disorganized, Brain Lobotomized,
Bummed as Winnie the Pooh…. (“Oh Bother”)

I need a Long Sabbatical!!
In a Place that’s Warm & Tropical!!!
A Masseuse There at My Beck and Call!
Put the Sign up that Says: “Don’t Disturb Me”!
I’ll Be… Fully Lazy!

I’d Love to Hide, Take One Long Drive
Alone, No Kids to make a Sound
The Cash, I’d Burn, On Gas, In Turn,
Costs More, Than Lady Gaga’s Gown,

Hundred Bills to Pay, Lost My Wordle Game,
Dog just Crapped in my Shoe….
Please just Stand Aside, One Comment & I
Might Go Will Smith on YOU.

I bet Cancun would Fix it All!
Drop my Worries off at Señor Frogs!
Margaritas in a Glass this Tall!
I’d Disappear Faster than… Girl Scout Cookies!

My Social Apps, I’d Uninstall!!!
Hit Ignore on Every Business Call!!!
Sleep in ’til NOON with No ALARMS at all!
And Take Myself right off the… GRID COMPLETELY!
Mental… Colonic with Tea!

I’d Live on just on Beer and Sports…
and Never change Underwear…
I’d do about Zero Chores…
Sleep Like a Koala Bear…
Vacation me, Take the Wheel…
I’m Not Goin Anywhere…
… Just practicing “SELF CARE”…

Did I hear him say, “Nukes, are now in Play?”
One Week Off?… Make it TWO…

Hawaii would be MAGICAL!!!!
Spend Every minute Acting CASUAL!
Head to the Beach & go Au NATURAL!
Inside this Mai Tai I will… FIND INNER PEACE!

I’d Reset all my Chakras!
Do less than the “G” in “Lasagne” does!
I’d Perk up QUICKER than Viagra!!
Take my Brain and hit, Control, Alt, Delete!
Can I… just get a Week???

With… James Van Der Beek?