I’ll Bite You (Post Malone Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Shark week is coming up! So we’ve got your newest banger from a Shark’s perspective. Instead of Post Malone’s “I Like You” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I’ll Bite You”
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Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh
Ooooh, ooooh

Oh Girl I, Invite you, I do
Come take a Swim, I’ll Take Away a Limb…
I’ll Try to, Eat You,
Get Back on the Sand, or you’re my Dinner Plans,
I’d like to, Chew You,
You call it “Attack”, I just call it “A Snack”
I’ll bite you, It’s True… Mmm…

Ya know the Fishermen all wanna Land me…
But, I just wanna Nibble on, Fannies…
Don’t care if you a Skinny or a Fatty,
I’ll eat ya like, a Spongebob Krabby Patty (Patty)
Sun-Battered Lil’ hips, look Tasty!
Muffin-top look sweet, like Pastry!
Smell of Blood make me go Crazy!
Drawn to it like a Cinnabon Bakery!
Hung out with Katy Perry’s Left Shark in Maui!
Caught in a Sharknado, got FLOWN into Cali!
My daily menu Sounds like Mickey D’s
“Fish Filet, with Quarter Flouders, please”
Swim Away, I’m HUNGRY once again

Damn Right, I’m Wild, That’s True,
No Aquarium, could keep me in a Pen,
I’m not like, Shamu…
Cuz I Don’t Do a Dance, or Splash you in the Stands,
My Jaw Line, Is Huge
Tell the Smuckers Fam, that Tuna is my Jam,
I ate a whole School…
(It’s… My RULES)

Swimmin’ into Shark Week,
Just catch me on Discovery (Yeah!)
Just like a PC,
Get a couple Mega-Bytes From Me (Ya)
Chompers So Clean, I’m a Periodontists Dream!
I could get a Grill, like Lil Wayne’s Teeth,
With the Diamonds so Big, See my Bling from the Beach!
When I Show up in L.A., I got a Human Sashimi,)
Down in San Jose, I got a Hockey Team!
I’m the Only Fish, who got his own theme,
No, Not “Baby Shark,” That’s Humiliating!
This-Shark, Don’t Get Attached,
Treat this Coral Reef like it’s a Bachelor Pad
Movin’ it so Smooth, they call me Cadillac…
Only S.T.D I’ve Ever Had, was Crabs…
Solid Metal Cage, I Chew through That…
Even more Jurassic, than that Dude, Chris Pratt
I just got a Craving for a Bite-size Meal, Swim Down the Coast line,
Like Shaggy, lookin’ for Scuba Snacks…

Three-Way, I’d Like to… Would You?
Chomp on your Rear End, then Chow On Your Girlfriend
In my view, That’s Cool?
Money Coming In, Swim nude on “Only-FINS”,
I got High, IQ
Just Step into my Tank, Mark Cuban’ll make ya Bank,
I’ll Bite you, I Do…Mmm,

Became my FOOD!!!

Yea, I’d like to, Hunt You…
When ya see my Throat, You’ll Need a Bigger Boat…
I’ll Bite you, In Two…mm.. I Do…