I’m Getting Blocked In Here (Nelly Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

People are back on the roads which means TRAFFIC is back… Instead of Nelly’s “Hot in Here” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I’m Getting Blocked In Here”

Full Lyrics:
Blocked In!
I’m Blocked in HERE!
Car Stoppin’…. NO!

Pump the brake a little UH, UH,
Cut-me-off-a-little UH, UH,…. HELLO???

“It’s called the Zipper Merge, Genius…”

JERKin forward like UH, UH…
Pound the Steering Wheel, UH, UH ..

I was like, Good Gracious, this is Outrageous!
TailGaters Test-ing my Patience…
Heavy’ on the BRAKE to Decrease my Speed
Late to work, that is guaranteed, While-Uh
I’M! Slowing… Horns!-a blowing,
… Feel the Rage inside me keep’ GROWIN’
Wish I had a BOTTLE or Something, for Throwin’
10-Mile, BACK-UP, It Keeps Goin!,
Just a-hoping, New Lanes will Open, No Jokin’…
I would do, ANYTHING to Restart the FLOW
METAMUCIL, but for the ROAD
This Closure killed My mood, Gonna need to find a Different Route, (uh, uh)
Rocky Road, Now Here’s the Scoop, I Wanna SPLIT, Like Banana Fruit!

(I said) It’s gettin Blocked in here…
Most of the Lanes are Closed
I am getting so blocked, I’m gonna hit my Horn now…(OH!)

It is GRID-LOCK in here,
My Speed is AT ZERO,
I am getting so blocked, I’m gonna flash my BRIGHTS On!

Four lanes, of traffic, Bottled Down to ONE,
Thought we’d all be Flyin’ now LIKE! the JET-sons…
But there’s So Much… Heavy Congestion
Got my BLADDER Game, Turnin’ IN-TO a QUESTION
And on the FREEway… Drivers are Cursin’,
Stop-Down, Shiftin’, and Reversin’!

I need a GAP, for my AUDI Insertion
Don’t block me out, like my Neighbor’s Curtains
SNAIL, PACE! as I pass the Mid-Point
Star-bucks Coffee, COLD at this Point
…It-doesn’t-matter what LANE you choose
Everybody got the Freeway BLUES,
Guy in FRONT-of me was on the Phone…
I had to slam on my BRAKES! Made me Drop my Scone…
Someone didn’t signal Before the Lane Switch,
I scream “it’s called a BLINKER B****”!

It’s gettin blocked in here
Feel’ like a Claustrophobe
I am getting so blocked, I wanna FIND the Off-Ramp…

It is GRID-LOCK in here,
No where for me to GO…
I’m am Getting so Blocked, I kinda wanna FIGHT now…

…Try to Pass-me like Uh, uh,
I won’t Letchya like Nuh-uh.
Never pull another Stunt-uh
You ain’t gettin’ to the Fro-ont
Flip me the Bird like Uh, Uh,
I’ll Be Laughin Like HA! HA!
Where da Peanut Butter? Uh, Uh,
Cuz we Jammed like, Uh Uh,

I’m Mergin’… Convergin’,
Outta the Way Trucker, I’m Determined
WHAT?!?! Just be a Courteous Person!!!
PLEASE!!!… And lemme get THRU …
BOREDOM, BOREDOM, all alone,
Been Driving’ For an HOUR, Still See my HOME,
… Got, NU-thin’ Funny on the RADIO,
Some moron Singin’ Parodies so MEDIO-CRE

It’s getting blocked in here…
My Temper is Full Blown…
I am Getting So Blocked, I’m gonna grab my CROW BAR…

I’ve Had too Much Caffeine
The Stress is Over Load…
I am Getting So Blocked, I’m wanna leave my CAR here…

Hit the Gas a little Uh, Uh
Nudgin’ Forward like Uh, Uh,
Packed together like Uh Uh
Why you Ridin’ up my? Uh Uh
Speed Limit say Uh, Uh,
But Im Barely goin’ Uh, Uh…
I can’t take this ANY Muh-Muh
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum-uhmb….GO!!!