“It’s Kinda Gray” (Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

COVID protocols keep changing every minute. Does anyone know what’s actually going on? Instead of Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s “Stay” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “It’s Kinda Gray!”

Seems Everyday, things I couldn’t do, well now I should.
Six Feet Away! But at Football Games, I guess we GOOD?
I don’t understand!… Like that “Wordle” game you’re So into,
Can Someone Explain? I’m going Insane!

Omicron, they said was way more chill.
Next Week, Flipped, Nope… It’s Dangerous Still,
Feels like it’s Random, They Spin a Wheel
I CAN’T KEEP UP! Just like Reading Shakespeare.

See a Vegas Show (OH-OH-WHOA)
It Got Postponed (OH-OH-WHOA)
I Got Choked Up, when I saw Adele’s Tears

Promises Made! But i guess we all Misunderstood
Didn’t you say? We Goin’ back to the Office for good??
Isn’t it Strange, We’re still doing this ALL Over Zoom?
Another Case, Forget it just Stay! Stay!

Fauci will Say, that we all are gonna need a Boost.
A Guy in Green Bay, taking medicine that Horses Use.
The Vax he said “Neigh”… Then, the CDC just changed the rules.
Everything’s Gray, I Got COVID Brain-Drain!

So hard to know just who & what to Trust,
Me, You, Joe Rogan, or the Scientist?
I wanna Travel, got the Wanderlust,
Please do not Rumble with the Stewardess,
Ain’t no Way, that i will Understand It,
Just Like Pete Davidson, the Dimes He’s Landed
And some Joe says “Hey Bro, Shake My Hand!” and I WANT to,
But I don’t know if it’s SAFE!

Was I Exposed?!? (OH-OH-WHOA)
Nobody Knows!? (OH-OH-WHOA)

Could these Guidelines POSSIBLY be LESS CLEAR?!?

Quarantine DAYS, Is it seven or five or Maybe TWO?
Found a New Strain! Did they REALLY call it “Super Flu”?
Where’s Lebron James, cuz this World is Goin’ Looney Tunes
ake me Space, in Bezos’s Plane!!

The Supply Chain!… And the Grocery IS outta Food…
My Underwear’s Stained, not a Tide Pod in This Neighborhood
…. No More I Can’t, Hear Another Piece of COVID news
I’m just gonna Pray, It All Goes Away! (ay!)

Wait, am I ISOLATING 10 days from my First Symptom? or my Last Positive Test?


Everything’s Changed, It’s all Shades of GRAY (AY!)