Li’l School Thang (Paul Russell Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Big ups to School Bus Drivers everywhere! For all that you do every school year, this song is just for you. Instead of Paul Russell’s “Lil Boo Thang” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Li’l School Thang”

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Look, let me tell you, Girl!

I drive a Lil School Thang,
Lil yellow bus crew takin’ students to their homes
I Dunno the cool Slang,
But I’m making like a tree with the routes that I Follow!

Tell em’ I’m, Tell em I’m Stressed
UBER XL, with a daycare Flex, I know
Yellin, the yellin’s Intense
Got my ears ringing like the bell in Big Ben’s “hello!”

Tryna Keep an eye on the Street
Other eye on the Kids, in the mirror where I Peep,
Ok, Cuz If I don’t Go take a Peek,
Then it’s Monday Night Raw in the Back row Seats!
Few Lessons I’ve learned, here’s Some
Don’t drop a kid off, on the Wrong Lawn…
And don’t Use duct tape on the Bad Ones…
Never Drink When you Drive, but it’s Cool when you’re done
Natty Lights sound good!

I’ll Come getchya!
If you Late, I’m Gonna ditch ya!
If you stand up, I’ll Re-Sit ya!
Come Summer time, I Won’t MISS ya!

Pick the Back, Or the front..
“Southwest” Style, Sit Where ya Want!
Keep your Hands, In the Bus
Double Beep if I’m Gonna Back it up!

Cruisin’ Down a “One way”
Got Twelve Cars Trailing Me, another Eight Stops to Go…
Tappin on my Brakes,
Like Usher did Back in the Day, Just “Nice and Slow”

Rude Guy, Driving a Benz…
All on My Bumper, Like a Pair of Depends, Oh no,
He’s Gettin Up Getting Upset!
I Love it Like Taylor Swift Lovin Tight Ends, You Go!

(Tommy! For Gods Sake, No Eating Soup On the Bus!)
(I know Where you Live!)

Oh, Oh, Open My Squeaky Door Up…
Oh Oh, the Brakes are Creaky, So What?
Oh Oh, My Coffee Drink-y, So Much
Oh Oh, Do I Smell PeePee Oh

Gotta say a Few Things!
All your little Kids are Insane, Don’tchu Know!?
Any Taco Tuesday,
I Should be gettin’ Som hazard pay for what I Endure!

Doing them, Doing them Laps!
Always Gotta Stop, before the Train Tracks, i Know
Bringing the, Bringing The class
Better not Pass, when my Red Lights Flash, like NO!

… Collect-Ya!
To the School, Gonna Connect Ya!
At Drop Off, Eject Ya…
Lil Stop Sign, to Protect Ya!

Go… I’ll Fetch ya!
Thru the Rain, the Snow & Bad Weather!
Bad Traffic? Finesse Ya…
Keep ya Children Safe, No Pressure!