Maybe I’m A Tweeter (Imagine Dragons Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Twitter celebrated it’s 17th birthday this week! For all the good, and all the bad, there’s always something to talk about. Instead of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Maybe I’m A Tweeter!”

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It’s the online version of Tourettes,
Where ya post every thought that pops into your Head-oh, Oooo!
While lying in your bed-oh, Oooo!
Read about Brexit, and then
Watch a kitten climb a tree,
Just ignore all the nonsense, and more importantly-oh, Oooo!
Follow Brooke & Jeffrey-oh, Oooo!

I’ll be scrollin’ on my Phone
‘til 3 in mornin’, like a Grendel
I’m a be Trollin’, every post
Gettin’ Repeated, Re-Tweeted, Reported, Deleted,
With updates on Ukraine,
Therapy gators on a plane
How can you not be Entertained?
Watchin’ a bear high on Co… Caine!

I Post it Up, so maybe I’m Tweeter? A Tweeter!
Highlights of the basket buzzer beater
A Three-fer!

While Politicians lie & then complain!
Slide into their DMs & call em…
And yea, I follow Kylie and her Sisters!
And Bieber!

It’s no Joke,
Twitter’s broke, Elon fired everyone
All who’s left on the staff,
Barely fits inside a Hot Tub, Oooo!
But they all could join a Yacht Club, Oooo!

Ronald McDonald tweeted out
when the McRib came back around,
Sendin’ a Thumbs Up to a clown,
KFC Clapped Back, Doubled Down
Yea i’m Lovin It, Livin it, Sharin’ & Scrollin’
Like Battery Bunny, Keep Goin’ & Goin’
I scroll down,
Til my thumbs IN-..FLAMED!

Soakin’ up the gossip, I’m a Tweeter, a Tweeter!
Learning who in Hollywood’s a cheater, a cheater!
“Scandoval” has broken al our Brains!
And Nick Cannon is pregnant once A—Gain!
A Boy or Girl? You’ll Find It Out on Twitter, on Twitter!

Don’t take much,
Stay in touch with my loved ones far away,
Tweet my Grandma, a very
Happy Belated Birthday, Oooo!
2 weeks ago on Thursday? Ooops!

Got celebrity entities coming & going,
The bots are all scammin’ me for DogeCoin and i gave out
The code for my…
I took a gamble, lost it all on Twitter! I’m Bitter!
I made a poll, and asked if should Quit her? Quit Twitter?!
announced I was deleting my Domain!
But in a week, I’m logging on A…GAIN!
It’s everywhere, ya can’t get rid of Twitter, like Glitter