Muffin Topping (Harry Styles Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Fall is here and you know what that means… Time to start eating! Instead of Harry Styles “Late Night Talking” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Muffin Topping”
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Feel the Weather start to change,
Got me steppin’ up my sweater game,
But even sheep would be ashamed,
So Much Wool! Oh Yeah

But Underneath my Cardigan,
My Belly’s growin’ big as Santa’s
The Only thing I’m sucking in’s,
More Hot Soup!

Leaves are Falling down,
While I Polish off an Oreo Cheesecake!
Autumn Comes Around,
Use more “Cheat Days” now, than Adam Levine takes!

Like Spunkmeyer, I’m Straight up, Muffin Topping,
Fall Instagram, it’s Waist up, Photo Cropping,
Lattes are my Life…
Pumpkin Spice is my Blood Type!

Cozy by the fire place
Sippin’ cocoa out a flower vase
I’ll move my scarf out of the Way
To scarf more Food!

Think I’m gonna drown
every Turkey Day, I’m swimming in gravy!
Football on the couch
gorging Nacho dip until it sedates me!

Young couples in the Corn Maze, Date Night, bonding,
Leads to a little Hay Ride, Pumpkin Fondling,
Trying to “squash” tonight?
Pumpkin Beer can Sway your mind!

Got Cool Whip in my Eyes
From Bobbing Apple Pies
My Beach Body, Bye-bye!
My Flannel Onesie’s Tight.

Can’t Button up my Raincoat, Cornbread, got me
Each step, make puddles Shake like, T-Rex stomping
Hungry Autumn Nights,
Move up one whole Snuggie Size!

Each Fall, I read the Signs (Straight up, muffin topping)
In Cinnabon’s, Mall Line (One Bite, there’s no, Stopping)
Ugg Boots, So Devine… (Scented Candle, Shopping)
My Cankles hide inside (Straight up, Muffin Topping)