My Beer Is Green (Justin Bieber Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Is this the first normal St. Patrick’s Day in what feels like forever?

Instead of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “My Beer Is Green!

March 17th, (oh, oh)
Where it’s Custom to act,
Like Fraternity Bros,
Double Fisting (Yeaa, Yeaa)
When the Guinness is Gone
Let the JAMESON Flow
Between my Teeth…

….. Oh, COVID-19
Like an Oligarch’s Yacht, I’ve Been Hiding…
Whoa, oh, oh! But now I’m Free,
So, pour another Pint
And Make it Green,

In the Pub, an Irish band is Playin’…
I Forgot people still Played the Harp!
Just like Liam Neeson, I’m Explainin’
… My Special Set of Skills, is at the Bar…

Drinking Beers, that are so Cold, I’m getting Frostbite
Being Louder than a Kid, who’s Playin’ FORTNITE…
Room is Spinning, like Chicken RoTISSerie…
That’s how it’s gonna go…

On St. Paddy’s, (oh, oh)
Dressed in Emerald Things,
From my Head to my Toes
Like Broccoli (Hey-yeah)
I’m so Supple & Green,
you’d put ME on your Toast…
Know what I MEAN?

…. OH, I’m a Machine
Pourin’ Whiskey in my tank, like Gasoline
oh, oh, oh, There goes my Spleen
Yea, today we Livin’ Life like Charlie Sheen…

Sobered by the Sound of Someone Sneezing…
The Pub goes quiet, and Our Heads all Spin.
Should we Grab a Mask, and get to LEAVIN’??
No, Tonight I proclaim, Covid will not WIN!!

Drunken Guys, in the Pub, tryna start a Big Fight!
Drunken Girls, are Throwin’ up, under a Street Light!
On the Dance Floor, we Touchin’ Shillelaghs!
Tap that “POT O’ GOLD”

So Exciting, OH, OH
Bartender, I’m in a Groove,
Cuz I’m drainin’ shots’, Bro,
Like Steph Curry… (yeah-ay)
And I’m dancin’ so Hard,
That I got Vertigo,
Need Dramamine,

OH… Got Listerine
I’m obeyin’ ALL the SHIRTS that say “KISS ME”

Some Weird guy in the Alley…
Is chasin’ Leprechauns, cuz he’s on PCP

….oh, oh, oh…
Found a Marshmellow Heart,
Stuck to MY Collar Bone
So Lucky Me (hey-yeah)
From the Way that I Laugh,
I may be Blarney Stoned
Tee Hee Hee Hee

OH… I caused a Scene…
I Took My Shirt Off like, Adam Levine
Leave Your Kids, And go Drinkin’
But get a babysitter FIRST… Obviously…