Need to get off of those annoying work video calls? Deploy the Zoom Escaper tool

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(NEW YORK) — In a sign of the times, you can now deploy a sneaky app to get you out of those ubiquitous Zoom video calls.

Appropriately called the Zoom Escaper, the app allows you to add live audio to your listeners’ audio, giving you an excuse to leave that meeting. 

Not only can you make it seem as if your audio is cutting out, but users can alternatively add the sounds of “construction noise”, an “upset baby”, or, a personal favorite, “man crying” to their video call’s audio.

You can even make a mix of various ones to deploy all at once, for those really tedious meetings.

“Note that during your Zoom call, you won’t be able to hear the audio interference applied to your voice,” the app’s creator warns, adding, “Also, please be mindful of how you use this tool. Consider who is in the call and what impact it will have.”

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