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Nick Jonas says acting in new sci-fi movie Chaos Walking was “quite insane”

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Nick Jonas‘ big-budget sci-fi flick Chaos Walking is in theaters today. While Nick’s done plenty of acting in the past, he says doing this movie was “quite insane”…because of its high-concept plot.

Based on the young adult trilogy of the same name, the movie follows Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley as Viola, a young woman who crash-lands on a distant planet where there are no females.

Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame plays Todd, who protects Viola when her life is threatened by the evil mayor, played by Mads Mikkelsen. Nick plays Davy Prentiss Jr., the mayor’s son and Todd’s nemesis.

Now here’s the crazy part: All the men on the planet are afflicted by “the Noise”: a phenomenon which allows their thoughts to be heard out loud by everyone at all times.

“The Noise is our main character in this movie,” Nick says. “It’s a funny way of thinking about things, but it really is. Y’know, in most scene preparation…you think about what your internal dialogue is. And with this, it’s all out there!”

“So at first I had to wrap my head around the concept as a whole,” he explains. “And then actually acting with that as a piece of the puzzle was really quite insane.”

However, Nick enjoyed working with Tom Holland, who he’d met when he was promoting Jumanji and Tom was promoting Spider-Man.

“Tom Holland is a great guy…we hit it off right away,” Nick says. “It was just really exciting because when you meet somebody and you like them outside of a work environment, it makes that much easier and more fun.”

“Although our relationship on camera is very tense…I was so mean to him!” Nick laughs. “But, you know, it’s part of the job!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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