Nothin’ But A Flea Thang (Snoop & Dre Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

#NationalLoveYourPetDay is this Sunday! So this song is for all those fuzzy little creatures to release their inner beast. Instead of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s “Nothin’ But A G Thang” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Nothin’ But A Flea Thang”

Full Lyrics:
One, Two, Three uh-to the Four…
Take me for a walk, and I’ma use the Doggy Do’
Ready to Leave a dookie, So bag it up

Bury a Bone in the Dirty, Use my Paws like a shovel,
Feelin’ an Itch upon my Cheek, I’ll be scratching my muzzle.
Aint Nuthin’ but a Flea Thang Baby!
Been Layin’ in the sun, like Lazy!
Stay Loyal to the ones who Raised me
I’m Seven, but in Doggy Years I’m EIGHTY…

At the Dog Park, makin’ new Friends,
If ya’ll are K-9s, then I’m a K-10
From a young Pups perspective,
If I see ya throwin’ a stick then I’ma go and try to FETCH, it.

All round the House I will be Following You, Whatever you do,
Wait by the Door, while you’re taking a TWO,
And if a Stranger ever wanders to our Property
We got the sign upon the Fence that say “Beware of ME”
Cuz I’m Braver than Balto and Scooby Doo
More Loyal than Lassie & Snoopy too!
And If I’m feeling’ like ya ain’t petting me Enough,
I’ma get up in your Face, and be like “WHAT THE “RUFF?”

Like Yip and like Yap and Like Yip, and uh
I’m like Yap and like Yip and Like YAP and uh…
I’m like Yip and like Yap and like Yip and uh…

Rub my Belly, like the LAMP from Aladdin!

Sniffin and I’m sniffing and I’m sniffing…
I pop my nose in a Butt! And I’m gonna keep whiffing…
Ya, It’s time for me to show I’m the perfect pet…
I do, all of the TRICKS that’ll make ya Nose Wet!

NO Competition, I’m the Best in Show…
I make’ more Puppies, than Perdita and Pongo.
On the Big Couch, Better Watch out where Ya sit
Your Leg is My Everest, cuz baby I’m MOUNTin’ It

More Hairy than a Bad Clog, I’m a Lap Dog,
Be your Bestest Friend, Til the end, Mark my Scent
It’s True, So Obsessed with You,
If you leave me for a minute, I’ll Whimper And “WOOO”, Like.

like Yip and like YAP and like Yip and uh
I’m like Yap & like Yip and like YAP & uh.. .
I’m like YIP…

I can’t run in Circles no more…
So Just CHILL… Next to my WATER BOWL. *howl*

Laying down on the Grass,
Like a Labrador, Gangsta Breed…
See my owner WALK’ OUT with a whole Bag of Doggie Treats
Its them Bacony Strips of Bacon that’s a Fakin Me,
The Bacon Might be Fakin, but It’s Tasting good ya see!
“FIRST NAME” written on my Collar, Lookin Cute
Get into Shenanigans, like my Name is Marmaduke…

Yeah! Hear my dogs bark…
My boys rolling up to the MutherPuppin PETSMART.
Yo Stray!… What up Dog?
Check out my New Toy!!!… What’s that, PUG?
Gotta little SQUEAK Thing?!?… BARK YEA!
My tail will be waggin… city of… SQUIRREL!!

So I’m just gonna Chow, on a Bowl of PURINA…
Chase a tennis ball, even more than Serena
Jump on top of the bed, cuz ya know I’m down to Snuggle,
Got the Puppy Eyes, just to get me outta trouble,
Can I rest my head down on top of your Lap?
Gettin’ hella Jealous when ya pet the house Cat!

You tell me to sit, and I will sit, cuz I listen…
And if you Bend down, on your Face I’ll be Lickin’
I’m gonna take a trip to NAP TOWN, while I’M SAT DOWN,
Goin’ tothe T-S-A, Like,’ CAN I get a PAT DOWN? YEAHHH…
… Tongue’s Gon’ Flop!
Head is out the WINDOW, as we Drive round the Block!

Giving you JOY, Cuz you know that I’m Good BOY.
Jumping Up & Down, when I see you getting out my LEASH!
No Other POOCH, Does it Better
And if it’s Cold out, SURE… you can put me in a SWEATER.

Like Yip and like Yap and like Yip and uh…
It’s like Yap & like Yip and like YAP and uh…
IT’s like YIP!!!

The Mailman’s afraid of me,
Got more BARK… than a Sequoia Tree! * Howl*