Rick Hall

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder on why their Never Ending Summer Tour is a “really unique experience”

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OneRepublic‘s Never Ending Summer Tour started this past Friday, after the band’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. And if you’re wondering if you should go see them live, front man Ryan Tedder says that this time around, they’re doing something very special that will make the tour “really unique.”

“Normally you do, like, an acoustic set in the middle of your [show], right?” Ryan tells ABC Audio. Well, this time, he says, “I’m doing, like, seven of the biggest hits I’ve written for other people in the middle of our set. So you’ll hear Lil Nas X, ‘That’s What I Want.’ You’ll hear Adele, ‘Rumor Has It.’ Ellie Goulding, ‘Burn.’ ‘Bleeding Love.’ A bunch of Maroon 5 stuff.”

“I’m jumping kind of back and forth through the last 15 years of records … you know, ‘Halo,’ all that stuff,” he adds. “We’ve never done that before, and that’s going to make this a really unique experience.”

As for their own hits, Ryan says they put together the tour set list by being “very strategic.”

“We literally went down to the data. We looked at what songs were listened to the most — downloaded, consumed, streamed, the greatest hits that we’ve ever had,” he said. “So … it made the decision easy.” As he notes, “I want to please the most people possible at the show.”

Two newer songs you’ll likely hear are current singles “West Coast” and “I Ain’t Worried.” And if you like those, Ryan says you’ll love what they’ve got coming up.

“We’re in that mindset, that kind of vibe … The Mamas and the PapasThe Beach Boys, but bringing it into a modern era,” he explains. “Because … nobody’s really done anything like that since that time. And I think we can do that style of music. So we have a handful more records in that vein.”