Pentatonix says making new Christmas album gave them “all the feels”

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Pentatonix has gifted fans with a new holiday album called We Need a Little Christmas. It truly is a gift, because as group member Scott Hoying explains, another holiday album wasn’t actually on their to-do list for this year — until the pandemic happened.

“We originally were not going to put out a Christmas album because we have been every year, so we’re like, ‘Let’s take a break, step back for a second,'” he says. “But then nothing went on this year and everyone was looking forward to Christmas and experiencing the joy of Christmas. So we thought we would contribute to that and make an album.”

But the group had to squeeze in the recording of the album in between work on their upcoming collection of original songs, The Lucky Ones, due out in early 2021.

“We’re perfectionists, so we’ve kinda been picking at The Lucky Ones, every chance we get and we’re so excited about it,” says group member Matt Sallee. “But we took some time to focus on We Need a Little Christmas…they gave us, like, literally three weeks!”

So Pentatonix ended up recording the whole thing from their respective homes. Matt says, “It was therapeutic. It was difficult, but it was really exciting. It was all the feels.”

Because Pentatonix has done so many holiday albums, it’s hard to believe that there were still any songs left to do, but as Scott notes, “You’d actually be surprised: There’s always more.”

“I have this list on my phone that I keep, and it has literally 50 songs that are all pretty classic…and so we put that in a big document and we all discuss the songs,” he explains. “We kind of voted and then also pitched why we like certain songs and we came down to those 12.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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