2nd Date Update

Second Date Update - Binge listen to all the Second Date Update's you haven't heard from Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning. We promise you'll laugh! ‘With’ or ‘At’, we’ll let you be the judge.

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Second Date Update: Age-Ja-Vu

One of our listeners was having a great night until a guy showed up at the bar… and the stuff he said was so cringe it almost ended the date right there…and that wasn’t even the worst part of the evening…

Second Date Update: Putt Putt Ghost

The guy in today’s Second Date was having the worst nights of his life… before a beautiful woman stepped in and changed everything…

Second Date Update: Hero to Zero

The guy in today’s Second Date stepped in to make a heroic gesture, but what happened after that made everything uncomfortable. So we’re gonna try and help him rescue a rendezvous and another date!

Second Date Update: Snacks & Secrets

The guy in today’s Second Date came prepared with a secret weapon in his pants…. We’re talking about granola bars… They saved his date night… but now he’s not getting a call back!

Second Date Update: Mysterious Stranger At My Door

Everything is all fine and dandy until a mysterious woman knocks on your door and throws your entire dating life for a loop. It happened to one of our listeners and we’ve got all the juicy details in your Second Date!

Second Date Update: Hockey Fan Gets Hosed

The guy in today’s Second Date brought a woman to one of the most thrilling sporting events… But she randomly left in overtime and he needs our help finding out why!

Second Date Update: Boat Fished

Some things are impossible to look hot while doing… And one of listeners accidentally did one of them during his date…Now he’s come to us for help getting a redo!

Second Date Update: Sneaker Boy

A good date always requires some planning, preparation and a little luck. The guy in today’s Second Date did something unusual to set himself up for success on his date, and it must have backfired because he’s not getting a call back without our help!

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