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Second Date Update - Binge listen to all the Second Date Update's you haven't heard from Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning. We promise you'll laugh! ‘With’ or ‘At’, we’ll let you be the judge.

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Second Date Update: Double Roasted Turkey

One of our listeners met a guy in a peculiar way… by SAVING HIS LIFE! But why doesn’t he ever want to see her again? We’ll use a Second Date to find out!

Second Date Update: Trunk Trap

The guy in today’s Second Date isn’t a drinker, but he took one shot before meeting up with his online match and before long he was completely separated from her and had to track her down using only sound!

Second Date Update: Build-A-Burn

The woman on the phone today not only says her first date ended up with her mouth swollen and numb… but now the dude completely vanished off ALL social media, and she wants our help getting a hold of him!

Second Date Update: Keeping Romance Clean

The guy in today’s Second Date has a very interesting nickname, and had an even weirder hang out on his date and we’re going to hear the details of BOTH!

Second Date Update UPDATE: Drop Dead Dork

We had a Second Date earlier this year involving a big misunderstanding at a High School Reunion and after the couple reunited they’re back on the show to tell us what’s happened ever since!

Second Date Update: When Nature Calls

Today was the first time ever a listener told us that his ENTIRE DATE was ruined by an ANT. How could one ant kill the romance? Find out in your Second Date!

Second Date Update: Uptight Greg

One of our listeners thinks he might have accidentally ruined his entire date because of what he did in a movie theater! It’s not illegal but its not a good look either…

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