2nd Date Update

Second Date Update - Binge listen to all the Second Date Update's you haven't heard from Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning. We promise you'll laugh! ‘With’ or ‘At’, we’ll let you be the judge.

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Second Date Update: Sleep Doctor

The guy in today’s Second Date fell asleep in the middle of a conversation during his first date! Normally that’s a deal breaker but the woman on the phone still wants our help getting a hold of him anyways!

Second Date Update: Trial By Separation

The guy in today’s Second Date has been off the market for a decade and after his first date back in the game he’s getting left on read.

Second Date Update: Elevator People

Nothing bonds two people like being stuck in an elevator for hours. It happened to the couple in today’s Second Date and they’re on the line now to tell us about all the ups and downs!

Second Date Update: It’s No Picnic

One of our listeners forgot one IMPORTANT thing and it ruined his entire picnic date. After that awkwardness he’s calling us for some help grabbing him a Second Date!

Second Date Update: High School Holiday Hangout

One of our listeners thought inviting a guy over might save her from spending time with her parents while home for the holidays… but you need to hear how badly it backfired in an all-new Second Date!

Second Date Update: Deck The Malls

Imagine if you went on a date with a coworker and after the hang out, MULTIPLE PEOPLE are now avoiding you. It happened to one of our listeners and you can hear why in a brand new Second Date!

Second Date Update: The Crappening

Today when we tried to call a woman for a Second Date, something strange happened that’s never occurred on our show before, it’s kind of a funny story and honestly, we just went with it.

Second Date Update: Double Roasted Turkey

One of our listeners met a guy in a peculiar way… by SAVING HIS LIFE! But why doesn’t he ever want to see her again? We’ll use a Second Date to find out!

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