2nd Date Update

Second Date Update - Binge listen to all the Second Date Update's you haven't heard from Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning. We promise you'll laugh! ‘With’ or ‘At’, we’ll let you be the judge.

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Plan B

If you are 45 minutes into a date and the girl runs out in a cold sweat… CHANCES ARE things aren’t going very well. Find out what happened to our…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Mom Blocker

One of our listeners emailed the show in an attempt to get a second date (not for themselves)… but for some one they’re related to. It’s probably the most embarrassing…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Drone Guy

We think we can all learn something from the guy in today’s second date update … and that is…NO ONE should ever talk to, interact with… or even make eye…

Second Date Update PODCAST: “Dirty Girl”

Today’s Second Date Update love story, may end up playing on a movie screen in your local theater VERY SOON…. And it’s NOT for the reason that you would think….

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