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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Dope Tikulitus Beat Box Syndrome

In today’s Phone Tap, Jose calls a clinic for immediate medical help for a little known affliction called… Dope Tikulitis… It’s incurable and entirely hilarious.

Phone Tap: Maxi Swag Girl

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a woman whose biggest dream is to be a popular influencer on Instagram. He set up a fake branding company to dupe her and…

Phone Tap: Party Bus Secret

Today’s Phone Tap victim just had his bachelor party and things got pretty CRAZY… But his memory is a little fuzzy… Can we convince him he forgot about a CRIME…

Phone Tap: Drone Reality

Today’s Phone Tap victim has been complaining for weeks about one of the neighbor kids flying a drone by her house. So we’re gonna tell her all about the footage…

Phone Tap: Motivational Speaker

In today’s Phone Tap, Jose calls a woman who was expecting a famous motivational speaker but unluckily for her, she got Jose and he has some unorthodox tactics to motivate…

Phone Tap: Scam The Scammer

In today’s Phone Tap, Jose calls a “long-lost cousin” and convinces him to go in on a little fool-proof gambling scheme!

Phone Tap: Moving Mishap

In your Phone Tap, Jeff calls a guy who hired a moving company to box up all his stuff in a very specific way. Well, they didn’t follow those instructions…

Phone Tap: Uber Eats

Jose poses as an Uber Eats driver and is calling a customer to tell him there’s going to be a slight DELAY… …But he WILL deliver this food, even if…

Phone Tap: Dog Day Tuesdays

In today’s Phone Tap Brooke is posing as HR to tell a guy that his new office manager is his ex from 6 months ago. It’s about to be real…

Phone Tap: Kleptos For Christ

Jeff is calling an electronics store and confessing to shoplifting. He’s not gonna bring the stuff back, but confessing should make everything okay, right?