Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Amenity Let Down

We know today’s Phone Tap victim is going to leave her building when her lease runs out, but that’s not gonna stop us from trying to get her to stay with some brand new, and slightly disappointing amenities…

Phone Tap: Phishing Gone Sour

Today’s Phone Tap victim hasn’t completed his corporately mandated “Phishing Scam” activities so we’re calling from HR to make sure he’s not vulnerable to any scams or pranks!

Phone Tap: Shy Bro Wants A Refund

Alexis and Jose are teaming up for a dual-Phone Tap today! Alexis wants a refund from a movie theater, but they don’t do refunds after you’ve seen the whole film… so, her shy-brother Jose is about to huff and puff and make sure it happens.

Phone Tap: Terry Finds Residue

In your Phone Tap, we call a woman and forbid her from touching any magazines in the doctor’s office waiting room. She left some residue last time and it’s GROSS!

Phone Tap: Micro Chip Your Child

In today’s Phone Tap, Brooke’s calling a mother with a daughter in daycare and offering some extreme methods of parenting we think would be helpful!

Phone Tap: Loco in Cabo

We called a woman planning a girls trip to Cabo and we’re upsold her on every adventure, getaway and activity she could possibly imagine!

Phone Tap: Dentist Survey

Before today’s Phone Tap victim can see a new dentist, we’re calling with a few simple questions for her that’ll have her questioning our entire dental practice.

Phone Tap: Nookin' The Upstairs Neighbor

Today’s Phone Tap victim has been complaining about a lot of “bedroom noises” coming from their upstairs neighbor so we’re staking out the scene and documenting it all in gruesome detail!

Phone Tap: Streaking Accomplice

In your new Phone Tap, a guy asked us to prank his girlfriend after he went to the ballpark to have a few brews. Now he’s in the slammer and she’s an accomplice to his streaking endeavor!

Phone Tap: Skank Island

In today’s new Phone Tap, we call a woman who has applied for the reality dating show “Love Island” and pose as a casting director to see if she has the chops to be a star in the villa!