Phone Tap

Phone Taps - Binge listen to Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Taps that you hear LIVE weekday mornings. We promise you'll chuckle!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Video Attire

Today’s Phone Tap Victim is getting called out for her inappropriate “Zoom etiquette!” Her co-workers have filed complaints and Brooke poses as HR to lay down the law!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Office Kisses

Jeff is onboarding a new employee to the office. We hope he’s ready for some team-building activities, and by team-building we mean Inter-Office Kissing Train!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bumper Sticker

Brooke calls a woman who believes she’s a PERFECT neighbor…But now that we’ve moved to the area, we’re ready to start some beef! Who’s ready to feel the WRATH of…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Ski Lodge Tree Accident

Today’s Phone Tap Victim recently got in a skiing accident that his friends know he’s extremely EMBARRASSED about….So of course when they asked us to PILE ON and not let…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Doggy Daycare

Jeff’s calling a dog mom with some serious COMPLAINTS about her pup’s behavior…Watch out, his bark is just as bad as his bite!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Rolando Subway

Every one deserves a sandwich made by a true ARTIST at least once in their life. Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants some lunch but he’s getting a brilliant sandwich…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Driving School

We called a mom who’s on EDGE about her son’s first day of driving lessons…Nothing to worry about though, her son is in Driving Instructor Brooke’s hands, so what could…

Phone Tap PODCAST: College Donation

Jeffrey gets to pretend to be one of the most ANNOYING people on earth: a solicitor for donations from your old university! But today, he’s taking things up a notch!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Prioritize

Now that vaccines are rolling out, Brooke is calling an office manager who just wants some answers for his employees about when they’ll get it. Spoiler alert: She’s not very…