Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Birthday Butt Cake

Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants to make sure the cake arrives for his 5 year-old’s birthday party but Jeff’s making sure he thinks something went horribly, horribly wrong, instead!

Phone Tap: Your Horn Sucks

Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants to get his car back from the shop, but Jose thinks his car horn is slightly off by .01% so we’re gonna need to keep it indefinitely!

Phone Tap: Cruise Ship Canoodling

Today’s Phone Tap victim has been tapped to star in a commercial for a cruise liner! That is, as long as she’s okay with us sharing the hidden camera footage we got of her and her husband…

Phone Tap: Fill In Photog

In your Phone Tap, Jeff’s posing as a last-minute replacement wedding photographer and he’s about to make a bride’s life a nightmare!

Phone Tap: What Can I Steal?

In your Phone Tap, we’re calling the front desk of a hotel and getting straight to the point: Tell us what we can steal from our room or there’s gonna be trouble.

Phone Tap: Steady Eddie And The Cable Company

In your Phone Tap we’re trying to convince a guy that his cable rep is an old classmate of his, and we’re ready to offer discounts in exchange for hanging out with us!

Phone Tap: Anya At Applebees

Today’s Phone Tap victim always gets hit on by cougars at his restaurant job, so today Brooke is calling as a flirtatious forty-something who has her eyes on something OFF the menu, if you know what we mean…

Phone Tap: Historical Twosie

In your Phone Tap we’re calling a guy to tell him his house is a historical landmark and he can’t ever renovate it because a famous person once used his toilet!

Phone Tap: Is THIS Your Noise Complaint?

If you ever think to make a noise complaint about your neighbors, just make sure the officer responding is NOTHING like Jose… because it might go the same way as your brand new Phone Tap!

Phone Tap: Pooch Smooch

Today’s Phone Tap victim is booked for a small-time TV commercial and we’re calling to convince her that she might want to reconsider taking the job once she hears what the product is…