Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: You Need Theraflix

We’re calling from Netflix and our Depression Algorithm has found someone who might be having a rough time, so we’ve prescribed them a “Theraflix” to help!

Phone Tap: Big Big Energy

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a vitamin & supplement shop…He’s asking for a specific product he KNOWS they don’t sell in store… But they’re going to try and help him anyways…

Phone Tap: Ed Daniels Aryan Arugula

Jose’s turning into an investigative reporter and looking into some unsavory accusations happening at a local fitness center…

Phone Tap: Allen Wants Your Grandma

You can find love in some strange places. Today’s Phone Tap victim is discovering a love connection, but it’s not his own. It’s between his sweet grandmother and a new addition to her retirement home!

Phone Tap: Tony Da Tigre

Today’s Phone Tap victim has been suspicious of her boyfriend cheating… So we’re calling from her man’s cell phone we found in the bedroom of a shady motel!

Phone Tap: Lobbying For K-Job

We’re calling a teaching in charge of breaking a 3-way tie for school valedictorian and we’re making our case for our candidate – “K-Job!”

Phone Tap: Fix the Apartment Challenge

In today’s Phone Tap we pretend to be a landlord and we’re offering a free month of rent to any tenant that can complete our scavenger hunt! They’re not gonna like what that entails though…

Phone Tap: DJ Hans German Jams

Today’s Phone Tap victim is in charge of hiring the DJ for her child’s school dance, and we’re bringing her Germany’s finest tune spinner “Hans!”

Phone Tap: Cold Stone Screamery

We’re calling the manager of an ice cream store and telling her somehow, someway, we’ve gotten our tongue stuck to the frozen granite and we need assistance.

Phone Tap: Loco Larry Rock Out

Jose is posing as a DJ for a heavy metal rock station… And he’s got a few shocking, rocking surprises up his tattoo sleeve for today’s Phone Tap victim!