Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Timid Benjamin Knows Sales

They say you need a killer instinct to be successful in sales, and that means the character Jeffrey is playing in today’s Phone Tap must be the worst salesman on planet earth.

Phone Tap: Airline Seating Surprise

Today’s Phone Tap Victim has an unwelcome surprise in store for her next flight, and today we’re calling from the airline to break the news!

Phone Tap: Ain't Nothin' But a Phone Ring

In today’s Phone Tap, we’re going to use every ringtone on earth to try and mess with a woman who just wants to connect with a dating app match for the first time.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Small Package Towing

In your Phone Tap, we’re calling a guy at work and telling him we’ve towed his car. Not only that, but his car CLEARLY says a lot about what he’s got going on in the equipment department.

Phone Tap: Smart Car Feedback

Today’s Phone Tap victim is skeptical about how “smart” his car really is… so we’re calling to tell him all the scientifically precise ways that he’s a terrible driver, car owner, and bad person in-general.

Phone Tap : Restaurant Healer

Instead of hearing out a customer about their unsatisfactory dining experience, Brooke is instead going to give him something better… Perspective… Namaste. 

Phone Tap: I Have A Pen An Apple Pen

Today, Brooke is running the customer service desk after a long night… And she just can’t stay awake long enough to help our Phone Tap victim with his issue…

Phone Tap: Raiden's on a Rampage

We’re instituting a new policy where your food delivery drivers are allowed to eat a REASONABLE amount of your food. And our Phone Tap victim is NOT HAPPY about it.

Phone Tap: Rolando Mattress Guarantee

Rolando is back for a brand new Phone Tap! Today we’re calling a mattress customer and telling him his purchase has been certified by a “Rolando Guarantee!”