Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: AirBnTree

We’re calling a woman with a tree house in her backyard, and because the branches reach over city property we’re entitled to renting it out whenever we want!!

Phone Tap: Bro Code Yump Hunter

Today’s Phone Tap victim is a dad who invited his daughter’s new boyfriend over… And before they meet, we thought it’d be a good idea for Jose to pose as the boyfriend and go over some basic BRO CODE…

Phone Tap: No Sexist Tenants

Today’s Phone Tap victim got a little too crazy watching The Bachelor the other night… And Jeff is calling from the apartment complex to tell her that she crossed the line….And there will be consequences….

Phone Tap: Sinister Senior Pranks

Brooke is posing as a high school vice principal and is calling a mother to accuse her son of plotting some of the NICEST pranks we’ve ever seen!

Phone Tap: My Sports Cup's Too Small

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff calls a sporting goods store to tell them he’s not completely satisfied with a product…and the guy on the phone needs to make it right.. .Even if that means some custom sizing…

Phone Tap: Stoner Max Lost Bruno

One of our listeners asked her husband to take their dog to her favorite groomer…But he went somewhere that costs HALF AS MUCH, and thought he got away with it… Until now!

Phone Tap: Cruise Ship Canoodling

Today’s Phone Tap victim got a little drunk and amorous with her husband on a cruise ship, thinking no one saw them…But Brooke is posing from the cruise line to tell her we know what she did!

Phone Tap: Talkin' Turkey Legs

Today’s Phone Tap victim was set up by his wife…They attend renaissance fairs together, and he refuses to wear underwear under his kilt…Now he will be banished for it!

Phone Tap: Shhh! It's Lady Danbury

In your Phone Tap, we’re gonna see how long we can keep a Phone Tap victim on the line while we’re clearly distracted more important things like Bridgerton!

Phone Tap: Company Rat

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff is cracking down on a woman who’s been on her phone at work a lot… Her boss is onto her… And he’s going to put a stop to it!