Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Scalpels of Love

Today’s Phone Tap victim recently matched with a doctor on a dating app, and Jeff’s stepping in to be that flirty doctor… but, at the moment his hands might be full with an active surgery!

Phone Tap: Slink The Sub

Today’s Phone Tap victim knows her child’s teacher is out on maternity leave, so Jeff’s going to pretend to be the new sub with the downright weirdest teaching style you’ve ever heard!

Phone Tap: No Shingles, Mo’ Pringles

Today’s Phone Tap victim is waiting for an inspector to call him and give him the green light to buy a home, but Brooke’s on the other line instead and his new ROOF has some BIG issues.

Phone Tap: Deez Books

Today’s Phone Tap victim loves the public library more than any other place on earth, so we’re going to make a BIG CHANGE to Library rules that she’s going to absolutely hate!

Phone Tap: My Cousin Rezzy

Today’s Phone Tap victim was faced with two choices: either lie for a customer on the phone or bust him in front of his wife. Hear the uncomfortable conversation in the podcast!

Phone Tap: Drug Test Mishap

Today’s Phone Tap victim is getting a call from Jeff, posing as the new guy in the office….He’s worried he’s about to get fired and is DESPERATE for her help.

Phone Tap: Quickster

A listener asked us to prank his roommate who keeps bringing girls from Tinder to their apartment. So we’re calling from Tinder HQ to go over his hookup history!

Phone Tap: Revenge of the Dentists

One of our listeners emailed us and said her husband FORGOT her birthday, and she thought the best way to get back at him was to have Brooke Phone Tap him pretending to be his dentist!

Phone Tap: Peter Pianist

Jose is posing as Piano teacher “Peter Pianist” and the mother of his new student is going to quickly find out just what makes his teachings so expensive.

Phone Tap: Geek Squad Got Game

Getting back in the dating game is tough, but it’s even harder when your first match is “Steady Eddie” and he’s eager to introduce you to his friends, too.