Phone Tap

Phone Taps - Binge listen to Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Taps that you hear LIVE weekday mornings. We promise you'll chuckle!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Psychic Dentist

Brooke and Jeff are teaming up for a dual Phone Tap! Their victim is anxious for his dentist appointment and they’re going to turn that anxiety UP to 11!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Conspiracy Landlord

Today’s Phone Tap victim is about to learn his new landlord is a big-time conspiracy theorist. From the apartment TV’s to vending machines… NOTHING is trustworthy!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Ass Wine

Jeffrey calls a grocery store manager asking for a wine recommendation….Did we mention he’s a SNOBBY, DEMANDING wine drinker?  He doesn’t know much about wine, but what little advice he…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Raccoon Rescue

Today’s Phone Tap victim just got rid of a raccoon infestation in his home… But the city found out he evicted those lil’ guys and it’s time he feels the…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bank Chef

Multitasking is usually a good thing. But when you’re trying to make just a quick call, and it sounds like your banker is making a 4 course meal on the…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Childhood Late Fees

Today’s Phone Tap victim is being haunted by something from her past… specifically Librarian Brooke, who is coming to collect on late fees for an overdue book from 20 years…

Phone Tap PODCAST: FBI Raid Interview

In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is in the middle of a phone interview when some unwanted guests interrupt the call… Things quickly got OUT OF CONTROL!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Robot Doc

Today’s Phone Tap victim was just told her bosses hired some outside help to cut costs. So Brooke is posing as the consultant to let her know about the rude…