Phone Tap

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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Geek Squad Got Game

Getting back in the dating game is tough, but it’s even harder when your first match is “Steady Eddie” and he’s eager to introduce you to his friends, too.

Phone Tap: Live Weather Updates

Today’s Phone Tap victim mistakenly clicked a box when buying a vacation package and now our intrusive “Live Weather Updates” are going to dominate her entire holiday getaway.

Phone Tap: Deadly Glove Box

Jose’s calling a guy with a new car to tell him there’s been a factory issue with his glove box and he should be careful or it might explode!

Phone Tap: General Anesthesia

We got an email from an orthodontist asking us to Phone Tap his new receptionist. We guarantee she’s never had a call as bizarre and uncomfortable as Jeffrey and his demanding patient requests…

Phone Tap: No Sexist Tenants

Today’s Phone Tap victim recently got a noise complaint in her own apartment for being loud while watching the Bachelor. We heard what she said and she’s not gonna like what Jeff has to say about it…

Phone Tap: Lobbying For K-Job

Brooke’s calling a teacher in charge of breaking a 3-way tie for school valedictorian and she’s making a case for our candidate – “K-Job!”

Phone Tap: AlacaSAM

Today’s Phone Tap victim wants to hire a magician for their kid’s birthday party, but “AlacaSAM” recently broke up with his assistant/girlfriend and performing makes him emotional.

Phone Tap: Fix the Apartment Challenge

In today’s Phone Tap Jeff pretends to be a landlord who’s offering a free month of rent to any tenant that can complete his scavenger hunt! They’re not gonna like what that entails though…

Phone Tap: DJ Hans German Jams

Today’s Phone Tap victim is in charge of hiring the DJ for her child’s school dance, and we’re bringing her Germany’s finest tune spinner “Hans!”

Phone Tap: Cold Stone Screamery

We’re calling the manager of an ice cream store and telling her somehow, someway, we’ve gotten our tongue stuck to the frozen granite and we need assistance.