Phone Tap

Phone Taps - Binge listen to Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Taps that you hear LIVE weekday mornings. We promise you'll chuckle!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Crooked Refs

We call a guy who recently signed up to be a youth sports ref and tell him all the ways we’re planning to rig the games in our favor!

Phone Tap: What In The Wordle?

Today’s Phone Tap victim is a Wordle fiend and we’re calling to scold him for gaming so much on company time!

Phone Tap: Sam Likely

Today’s Phone Tap victim is convinced we were trying to scam him, but it’s all a misunderstanding with names. You’ll meet “Sam Likely” in the podcast!

Phone Tap: Animal Control Stoner

In your Phone Tap, Jose poses as an animal control officer who got a little sidetracked at his job and now there’s wild rodents all over the place.

Phone Tap: Trainer Tipper

Would you ever tip a personal trainer? Some would say never, but in today’s Phone Tap Jeff’s convincing a woman it would be in her best interest to drop a few bills his way if she knows what’s good for her…

Phone Tap: Rolando Loves Pie

Rolando is back for a new Phone Tap! We’re calling a woman who entered a pie in a state fair and her pie might be the SECOND most delicious delicacy we’ve ever tasted.

Phone Tap: Your Pianos Suck

In today’s Phone Tap Jeffrey is calling a music store and complaining in the most obnoxious and out of tune way possible!

Phone Tap: Motorboat the B-Day Cake

We call a bakery and tell them they accidentally dropped off an ADULT cake at a child’s birthday party and now there needs to be payback!

Phone Tap: Hinge Cringe

A guy emailed us and said his roommate has been lying on his dating profile and asked us to call him out on it, with a brand new Phone Tap!