Phone Tap

Phone Taps - Binge listen to Brooke & Jeffrey Phone Taps that you hear LIVE weekday mornings. We promise you'll chuckle!

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Ted and the Dish Guy

A guy ordered a satellite TV… But unfortunately for him, they’ve already had to reschedule with him THREE TIMES. So he’s not very happy with the company. That’s why Jubal…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Your Dog is Flirty

Jubal’s been hanging out at the dog park lately… and ONE dog has been EXTREMELY flirtatious with him lately. So Jubal calls up the dog’s owner to see if he…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Meet Atticus Spencer

A woman wanted Jubal to phone tap her nanny… Jubal LOVES messing with nannies! So what better way to do it, than to call as the most pompous, self-obsessed rich…