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Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Airbnb With My Stepson

We call a couple renting a place on AirBnB and tell them that everything is set up for their visit, except they’ll have to share the space with our stepson…

Phone Tap: Old Alan Skydiving Instructor

In your new Phone Tap, we call a guy scheduled to try skydiving for the first time and introduce him to his instructor, 80 year old Alan Winterbottom!

Phone Tap: Senior Center Soundtrack

Today’s Phone Tap victim just started a new job and we’re going to tack on a couple extra responsibilities that he had no prior knowledge of just to see if he’ll quit on the spot!

Phone Tap: The Bee Whisperer

Today’s Phone Tap victim called a pest control company to take care of a Bee’s Nest. We found it, sent Jose over there, and made EVERYTHING WORSE.

Phone Tap: Meatball Road Rage

This Phone Tap is one of the Top 5 most awkward calls we’ve ever had on this show and it all starts with a sandwich shop and one unsuspecting guy taking orders…

Phone Tap: The Nature Suite

Today’s Phone Tap victim is on vacation in Mexico and we’re about to upgrade him from a regular suite to our special all-outdoor, no toilet rooms we call “The Nature Suite.”

Phone Tap: Practice the Surprise

Today’s Phone Tap victim is attending a surprise party soon and Jeff’s calling to give him a VERY important role in the surprise…. and his duty involves just ONE WORD.

Phone Tap: Quad Ad Premium Rental

We’re calling a guy on vacation and posing as his rental car provider to tell him that he NEEDS our new Quad Advantage service or he’s gonna have a bad time.

Phone Tap: Mass Multimedia Meme Messaging

Today’s Phone Tap victim is stressed about signing his new apartment lease ASAP… So we’re calling on his roommates behalf… And hopefully he knows how to speak in memes!

Phone Tap: Organization Station Conversation

How many words end with “-ation?” You’re about to find out… Because in today’s Phone Tap, Brooke’s working for a made up company, that believes in rhyming EVERYTHING!