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Phone Tap: Stoner Max Lost Bruno

One of our listeners asked her husband to take their dog to her favorite groomer…But he went somewhere that costs HALF AS MUCH, and thought he got away with it… Until now!

Phone Tap: Cruise Ship Canoodling

Today’s Phone Tap victim got a little drunk and amorous with her husband on a cruise ship, thinking no one saw them…But Brooke is posing from the cruise line to tell her we know what she did!

Phone Tap: Talkin' Turkey Legs

Today’s Phone Tap victim was set up by his wife…They attend renaissance fairs together, and he refuses to wear underwear under his kilt…Now he will be banished for it!

Phone Tap: Shhh! It's Lady Danbury

In your Phone Tap, we’re gonna see how long we can keep a Phone Tap victim on the line while we’re clearly distracted more important things like Bridgerton!

Phone Tap: Company Rat

In today’s Phone Tap, Jeff is cracking down on a woman who’s been on her phone at work a lot… Her boss is onto her… And he’s going to put a stop to it!

Phone Tap: Big Rick's Auto Insurance

In today’s Phone Tap, Jose is tackling the insurance game. He’s never sold insurance and he’s not exactly sure what insurance is but that doesn’t matter! He’s a natural!

Phone Tap: 5G Fridge

Today’s Phone Tap victim is the lucky random person who got selected for his apartment to get a 5G upgrade! But once Brooke tells him what that really means… he might want to move out instead.

Phone Tap: Tesla Rescue

Today’s Phone Tap victim just wanted some repairs done on his Tesla, but unfortunately his car is TOO smart and TOO high tech… and we had to do, what we had to do… in order to save lives.

Phone Tap: Financial Literacy

Today’s Phone Tap victim is doing some smart investing. A little too smart. In fact, since he’s putting so much away in his 401K we’re gonna do the helpful thing and give some of that money away to his coworkers. It’s only fair!

Phone Tap: Rolando Photoshoot

Smooth talking“Rolando” is back for another Phone Tap today! He’s calling to schedule a photoshoot, and he has some very… specific… instructions for the photographer.